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Packaging color is upgrading

with the continuous growth of China's social economy, the consumer goods market is becoming increasingly prosperous. Many people have noticed that the new retail mode supermarket has gradually changed our lives. This kind of self-help shopping makes the goods closer to us. The visual factors of the quality of packaging greatly affect our choice. As the main packaging form of consumer goods, flexible packaging is in such a situation. Having bright and eye-catching luster and color means a larger market share. In western countries, iri-odin pigment is widely used in the printing of flexible packaging, and its purpose is to make use of this pleasing gloss. Iri-odin can be found everywhere in composite packaging bags, label shrink films, kink films (sugar paper), and even new upright bags. Whether it's tempting candy, refreshing drinks, or cosmetics and personal care products for daily use, the benefits of using iriodin can be expressed as "a higher level". Iriodin pigment is made of mica flakes wrapped with metal oxide. When light passes through it, it forms multiple folds. No matter which type of equipment is emitted, this unique optical property gives rich texture to the printing ink layer. The plastic film has a smooth surface, which is conducive to the expression of pearlescent effect. The method used for flexible packaging printing is solvent gravure printing. Flexographic printing can easily show the pearlescent effect. It can be used alone or mixed with color ink printing or pearlescent and color ink overprint. Packaging designers and printing manufacturers can flexibly match and use it according to their needs. Iriodin pigment is a non-metallic inorganic substance, which has good resistance and is not harmful to human body. It is suitable for most flexible packaging products. At present, in domestic flexible packaging, IRI makes the upper platen contact with the surface of the sample, and the use of Odin has just begun. Merck, the manufacturer of pigments, said that it is very happy that there is a clear distinction between this and the host. It is our ultimate goal to provide customers with pertinent suggestions and perfect technical services, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and create a better living environment. (China Food News Jianping) <1 is the homogeneous competition of domestic enterprises; 2. Foreign implicit technical barriers; 3. Blindly purchasing foreign instruments and other factors/p>

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