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Packaging design: not only pay attention to beauty

packaging design should have the awareness of green environmental protection

main content: with the development of human society, environmental pollution and combustible crisis cause people to attach great importance to the problems existing in the operation of equipment. Awareness of environmental protection has become a world trend. Packaging designers must consider: what is the pollution to the environment in the process of producing packaging materials and packaging containers, and the impact on the environment in the process of packaging, consumption and circulation

packaging design should be good at developing nationalized personality style

main content: nationalization, according to the traditional understanding, is localization, and it is a folk image that does not cross national boundaries. Based on this understanding, the formal concept of national style of packaging can be understood from traditional packaging forms, packaging materials with local characteristics, traditional aesthetic concepts and nationalization to modern aesthetic taste under the influence of different regions, different national habits and cultural background

packaging design should participate in brand image and personality shaping

1 pull plate can be applied to multiple types of terminal tests

main content: in packaging design, attention should be paid to maintaining consistency with brand image. On the one hand, the packaging of goods is a link of brand building. The packaging of goods and various advertising activities together shape the unique image and personality of the brand; On the other hand, the packaging of goods is part of the brand image, which triggers consumers' Association of the brand image of this commodity and the special psychological needs of the brand

unique packaging design realizes product differentiation

main content: This is a bagged product with a zipper inside. The designer has set a zipper inside the package to make it easier for consumers to unpack, see the text instructions on the package, and how to use this product and its use. This is the decorative development trend of the packaging industry. Through this product packaging, this paper expounds that the product company makes its products have unique packaging from the perspective of consumers, so as to increase sales

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