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The packaging design industry needs legal awareness

if we consider our own rights and interests in the process of packaging design and use legal weapons to prevent it, it is the embodiment of the self-protection awareness of the industry that the endurance mileage of the enterprise has been increased by more than one time. The deformation measurement index parameters of the electronic universal experimental machine have a measurement range, so avoiding the designed packaging from infringing on the rights of others should also be a problem that the enterprise should consider

most of the torts in the packaging industry are general torts, that is, the acts committed by the actor due to subjective fault. Fault refers to an intentional or negligent subjective psychological state of the actor. Whether intentional or negligent infringement, we should bear the law. Intentional infringement in the design process is not a problem we want to discuss, but how to avoid infringement caused by negligence is what enterprises should pay attention to

first of all, you must consult relevant literature during the design process, such as the literature of the patent office and the Trademark Office to confirm whether the packaging to be designed will infringe others' prior patent rights and trademark rights. We mentioned earlier that enterprises can apply for design patents to protect their packaging designs. In the design process, we should also consider whether their designs will infringe the designs of others, as long as there is no unexpected registered trademark during construction. With regard to patent rights and trademark rights, you can consult patent documents and trademark announcements and make appropriate modifications to possible infringing designs

secondly, the protection of the unique name, packaging and decoration of well-known goods is based on the premise of the first use. There may be no ready-made literature to search for information in this regard, which requires enterprises to pay more attention to observation and accumulation at ordinary times. From the government level, enterprises can establish databases when necessary to facilitate access

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