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Packaging cost and packaging design

in today's emphasis on industrial aesthetics, perfect packaging can well help perfume, cosmetics and personal care products. Once associated with high costs, even ordinary packaging will lead to bankruptcy, which is the importance of packaging inventory

in many cases, customers pay more attention to those personalized packaging, so such products are easier to win consumer recognition and market success. Steven nussba1, marketing manager of RK company Um, a 100 billion level new material industry cluster, said, "in the United States, because more and more small enterprises have joined the market competition, they have increased the demand for inventory packaging, but many products will have problems when they only buy small quantities of goods or do not entrust packaging."

if the inventory of a certain package is appropriate, the time to market and market of the product can be reduced. In today's market, many suppliers of daily chemical products will launch seasonal products, and the use of inventory bottles can greatly reduce production time; In addition, the advantage of using existing inventory packaging is that it can be recognized by consumers, especially those products that need high brand recognition, such as shampoo and bath liquid

craig Sawicki, CEO of Tricor Braun, summed up the advantages of outbound storage packaging. He believed that sometimes inventory can become a "hero" of the success of goods. Usually, when we design a customized package, there will be some subtle determinants, especially in the inventory link. It can be seen that in recent years, the cost of packaging processing has increased year by year, so more brand owners will choose customized packaging forms to minimize the possibility of re production. Therefore, in terms of packaging design, a new production line will be suitable for one or two products

one stop service

mentioned the advantages of inventory packaging. The one-stop production method is the most respected by many packaging suppliers whose shrinkage is still large. In particular, enterprises that provide primary packaging containers can also provide accessories such as spray on perfume products in addition to external packaging. One stop service is the best performance of product value-added

simply the cultivation of high skilled talents not only requires the cultivation of schools, organic company chooses to use the 32 Ounce packaging bottle of Prince brand, equipped with the classic series of spray head and bottle cap. Because of the inventory, only 2600 products were produced, but the result was to win considerable market and consumer recognition

now, many packaging enterprises can provide customized processing services, but one-stop service can make packaging design more specific. Because many customers want customized packaging, rather than customized processing. This customized method mostly depends on the materials. Cospack company recently developed a non pressure spray with a metallic appearance for its Oslo brand series. The surface is hot stamped with aluminum foil, which makes the product more distinctive; The product can be made on the bottle and can be provided in our training center or your supervisor. The open window is a platform for customized design according to customer requirements. At the same time, the company also said that it would continue to develop the technology of better printing aluminum foil on the bottle body, so that customers' choice could not be limited to the appearance of metal texture

Laura Mercier, which has launched two famous moisturizers on the market, has also joined the customized team. Among them, Laura Mercier's design style is the inner bottle with frosted color effect. At the same time, the gray inner cover and the bright outer cover coincide to highlight the visual depth. The result of this kind of packaging is to give consumers an elegant and unique visual effect, so even in the face of luxury prices, buyers do not think so

from the perspective of aesthetics, Jean Marc Perez, President of novapak, believes that there are great differences in the shape of bottles produced in Asia and the United States. Material suppliers are very familiar with how to choose bottles. They prefer practical bottle shapes inspired by Europe rather than standard configurations, so consumers are more willing to accept them. At the same time, the color design of bottle or package also needs to combine sensory stimulation and emotional factors

unique label

the way to make a bottle shape immediately customized is the use of labels, which is also an economical and effective alternative to surface decoration technology. Labels with different styles can provide a variety of effect choices, and can also be applied to different bottles. Moreover, labels on packages can bring intuitive and long-term visual stimulation to consumers

for example, a company that produces skin care products designs a variety of insects on the brand label, including butterflies, snakes, ladybugs and other creatures. They believe that this can make consumers fully feel the pure nature of the product, and all the ingredients of the product come from nature. At the same time, they used film labels instead of silk screen printing, which brought greater flexibility, and the packaging color of labels no longer had to be limited by production conditions

customized packaging

innersense organic beauty products company is a company that produces hair care and skin care products with pure natural nutrition and organic green biological ingredients, and specializes in providing products for beauty salons, spa stores, etc. In order to make the product look professional and have a natural and organic appearance, the packaging designer makes full use of green, white and transparent colors to make the product more textural. The bottle body is mostly amber, and the bottle cap is mostly dotted with dark brown. The label of the bottle body is generally simple and transparent, but it is easy to distinguish product types

amber glass bottles have been used in pharmacies for nearly a century, and it is a big challenge to use plastic containers instead. Innersense has set up a design and technical support center to help more brand owners change the packaging into plastic containers and make its application successful

Carolyn Sedgwick is the art manager of the center, He believes: "Amber can provide a complex color space and balance a variety of dark tones; at the same time, spot colors can also be used to highlight specific packaging effects. As for packaging materials, we have used transparent PET bottles, as well as translucent LDPE hoses and PP bottle caps. The problem is that since our products do not use any artificial colors, we need raw material suppliers to provide us with unified color allocation and glass Textured plastic containers, whether the inner wall of the container is transparent or not

there is no doubt that the demand for customized packaging in today's market has been increasing. Customized containers need special design concepts from the initial mold to the addition of colorants. Then, with appropriate bottle caps, nozzles and other accessories, a package that satisfies consumers was born

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