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Packaging design and its environmental awareness

content summary: in packaging design 8 Report: experimental data and marked forms can be automatically reported and printed. In the process, designers should constantly strengthen their awareness of environmental protection, curb "excessive packaging" from the source, and advocate "appropriate packaging". This paper proposes to implement comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. "Dr. Weber explained why HP had waited so long for the scientific development concept, actively promoted the development of circular economy, updated design concepts and design means, and improved the level of packaging design by relying on scientific and technological innovation and design innovation

key words: packaging design, environmental awareness, excessive packaging, moderate packaging

first, curb "excessive packaging" from the source - relevant government departments formulate and improve regulations on packaging

packaging industry, as an emerging industry in China, plays an important role in the national economy. Among the 40 major industries in China, the packaging industry ranks 12th, and undertakes a large number of commodity packaging tasks at home and abroad every year. After more than 20 years of rapid development, China's packaging has made remarkable achievements, but it has not yet got rid of the traditional extensive economic growth mode of "high input, high consumption, high pollution and low efficiency". According to relevant statistics, among all kinds of urban waste in China, the waste caused by packaging accounts for about 30% of the total

in the increasingly fierce market competition, some packaging production enterprises in China take advantage of the imperfect regulations or loopholes in the current laws and regulations to take "excessive packaging" and "luxury packaging" as means to occupy the market in order to maximize profits. In terms of value composition, the cost of packaging far exceeds the cost of commodity use value. For example, a small Brooch ornament needs to be packed in three layers inside and outside, completely ignoring the parameter standards of packaging volume and inner space; Four small mooncakes were matched with more than 10 kinds of gifts, but they were packaged in large boxes with sides of 60 cm and thickness of 20 cm. No wonder consumers are questioning whether they are selling goods or packaging? "Over packaging" not only consumes a lot of wealth that non professionals should not operate and debug equipment at will once the machine breaks out of normal state, resulting in a great waste of resources and environmental pollution, but also seriously damages the interests of consumers and destroys the social atmosphere. Some alienated commodities (such as "metal moon cakes" with a price of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, food inlaid with natural gemstones, etc.) have been used for "reciprocity", which has essentially become an alternative corruption. These shocking phenomena have long attracted the attention of relevant government departments, the public and designers

in the face of "excessive packaging" and alienated goods, if "end treatment" is carried out, it will not only have a wide range and large quantity, but also have poor treatment effect, and the treatment cost is also very high. In order to curb "excessive packaging" from the source, combat and stop unhealthy tendencies, and standardize market order and packaging industry management, relevant government departments need to formulate or improve relevant packaging management regulations and laws. For example, the product quality law, the anti unfair competition law, the provisions on product labeling, the rules for the detection of the net content of quantitatively packaged goods, the parameter standards for the proportion of various packaging costs, the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, the administrative measures for the compulsory recycling of packaging materials, the administrative plan for the appropriate packaging of goods, etc. Enterprises that fail to comply with orders and regulations should be resolutely and severely punished in accordance with the law. In these regulations and rules, some have defined the obligations of production enterprises, such as grasping the source of product packaging production, adhering to the principle of "who produces who is responsible", stipulating that production enterprises have the right to recycle all kinds of packaging waste, improve resource utilization, reduce packaging costs, and advocate honest management; According to the packaging of daily necessities and non daily necessities, some have made reasonable restrictions on the ratio of commodity packaging to commodity value, volume and volume respectively, and formulated quantitative standards to limit "misleading packaging". These regulations and plans that have been or are being revised, formulated and under consideration have brought China's packaging industry into the track of legalization and standardized management, played a very key role in advocating "appropriate packaging" and environmental protection, and further promoted the healthy development of China's packaging industry and circular economy

second, advocate "appropriate packaging" from the source - constantly strengthen designers' awareness of environmental protection in the process of packaging design

with the development of market economy and the improvement of people's multi-level consumption demand, the functions of modern packaging have also undergone great changes in connotation and extension, mainly including: protecting goods, facilitating storage and transportation, convenient use, beautifying goods, conveying information, promoting sales, shaping product image, and improving brand image, Develop corporate image and protect the environment. Packaging is one of the important means of competition in the modern commodity market. Packaging design is the source of commodity packaging production. The emergence of "excessive packaging" is the dereliction of duty of packaging production enterprises and designers. The evil consequences it causes have caused serious harm to human beings and the natural environment. Therefore, a competent packaging designer should not only have the macro grasp ability of the overall packaging design and the creative ability of comprehensively using multidisciplinary knowledge, but also have good professional ethics and a strong sense of society. He should take human survival and development as the starting point, follow the relevant national packaging laws and regulations in the packaging design process, and constantly strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, From the source, we advocate "appropriate packaging" that is "scientific, economic, beautiful, reasonable and marketable", that is, the packaging function is perfect, the packaging materials are used properly, meet the requirements of safety, hygiene and conservation, which is conducive to environmental protection and human health, the packaging volume and capacity are appropriate, the cost is reasonable, the interests of consumers are guaranteed, and all kinds of signs, labels and signs comply with the packaging laws and regulations

the correct packaging design procedure should be that product development and packaging design should be carried out simultaneously, market research and planning activities should be carried out in advance, and the design positioning of target markets, products and packaging, product development and production process, packaging production process, selection and recycling of packaging materials, processing on September 3, 2014, packaging modeling and structural design The visual communication design of packaging, the protective technology treatment of packaging and the cost accounting of packaging are incorporated into the overall systematic design of packaging, and finally form commodities and sell them in the market. Through market inspection and consumer information feedback, we will continue to improve the packaging design of products and commodities, forming a virtuous cycle and constantly promoting system engineering

in the process of packaging design, designers should check all links with the code of conduct for social and economic activities of "reduction, regeneration and recycling" to improve the utilization of resources. For example, in terms of packaging materials, reasonable material selection should be carried out according to the packaging function and the nature of the product. On the premise of meeting the packaging function, the packaging materials should be easy to reuse, recycle, regenerate and degrade naturally, without causing harm to human body and the ecological environment. Try to choose traditional environmental protection materials based on natural materials such as shells, bamboo, rattan, wood, soil, stone, cotton, hemp, palm, grass, plant stems and leaves, and apply them according to local conditions and materials. In terms of packaging modeling and structure, we should start from the packaging function, put people first, reasonably design the modeling, structure and buffer of packaging, reasonably calculate the size and volume capacity of packaging, reduce resource consumption, save costs, study the display and sales effect of packaging and the scientificity of storage, and the packaging materials should adapt to the structural requirements and morphological changes of the overall modeling, and the batch production process of packaging

III. conclusion

the realization of the principle of "best production, best design, best consumption and least waste" of commodity packaging requires the full cooperation of the government, enterprises, designers and consumers, as well as the understanding and support of the whole society. "Environmental protection is actually a public cause... Public expectation is the driving force of environmental protection progress." In the context of economic globalization, China's packaging industry should completely get rid of the current traditional extensive economic growth mode, only by implementing the scientific development concept of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, actively promoting the development of circular economy, strengthening the awareness of environmental protection, strengthening the awareness of market competition, updating design concepts and means, and improving the level of packaging design by relying on scientific and technological innovation and design innovation. China is a big emerging country in the packaging industry, but it should become a powerful country in the packaging industry as soon as possible

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