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How should enterprises cope with the increasing cost of packaging design

[China Packaging News] today, when packaging design is becoming increasingly important, many people begin to consider that stepping motor is an open-loop control element that converts electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. Through packaging design, goods can be better promoted, but the cost of packaging design also begins to increase. Now the cost of packaging design has reached the point that enterprises can not accept, then, in packaging design, is it really impossible to control the cost of design? In fact, product packaging cost control should start from design. Reasonable structure and process design, appropriate material selection are of great significance to the composition of packaging costs

to design a new packaging product, a development team composed of graphic designers, structural engineers, production engineers and marketing personnel should be formed, with professional division of labor, each performing his own duties and cooperating with each other. If limited by conditions, only a graphic designer can carry out the whole process of design, then in addition to pattern design, the designer must take into account the rationality of technology and materials

for example, to design a 250ml shampoo bottle, the designer must first understand the processing characteristics, prices, applicable processing methods, etc. of various materials, and decide whether to choose an opaque HDPE bottle produced by extrusion blowing method or a transparent PET injection blow bottle; Choose plastic label, self-adhesive label or silk printing of bottle body; Decide how many colors to print the label, whether to use spot color, etc. Before making a decision, it is necessary for designers to communicate with relevant manufacturers to know exactly the prices of different kinds of bottles and labels

in addition, when designing the bottle body, the designer should not only consider whether the bottle shape is attractive, but also consider whether it is suitable for combined packaging and transportation of packaging boxes. If the shape of the package is irregular, it may lose the opportunity to use plastic shrink packaging as cluster promotional packaging, and there will be a large gap when loading into the transportation packaging, resulting in waste

therefore, designers should communicate more with packaging production enterprises. Even if there are no fixed packaging production enterprises as contact units, they should also establish contacts with some relevant packaging production enterprises at the beginning of the design to have an in-depth understanding of the existing bottle types of the enterprises, especially the bottle making enterprises. Many large packaging enterprises have a variety of product models to choose from, especially glass, metal and plastic packaging enterprises

in fact, to develop a new packaging product, it is not necessary to carry out brand-new development and design of all elements including the bottle body. Choosing the existing bottle type of the packaging enterprise can not only save the mold development cost, but also greatly shorten the design and product production time. At the same time, it is also equivalent to choosing a mature processing technology, which is particularly important for glass and metal packaging containers

the basic professional quality of every designer is to use the least money and the best packaging design

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