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Packaging design and sales psychology

packaging is not unfamiliar to every consumer who buys goods. Compared with any other art form, packaging art design has the widest popularity. Every nation and country in the world, and every person who enters the society, will be exposed to commodities every day and feel the artistic beauty of packaging design. Packaging design is more direct, more vivid and more infectious than other art forms to penetrate into all aspects of our life

in supermarkets, the charm of packaging has become one of the most important factors to attract customers. Standardized products gather on the shelves, and the commodities of different manufacturers only rely on the packaging of products to show their own characteristics. These packaging publicize themselves with exquisite modeling, eye-catching trademarks, appropriate words, bright colors and other design elements, playing the role of silent salesmen NJ. An economist in the United States once made such a special survey: among more than 250 large companies in the United States, only 100 companies use price as a means of competition, and focus on improving products. There are 158 companies competing in terms of non price competitiveness, which can be seen. "Non price competition" plays an important role in marketing. And in. At that time, sales packaging, which accounted for the largest proportion of non price competitiveness and developed the fastest, was praised as a silent salesman. Selin, senior packaging consultant of the United Nations International Trade Center, believes that there are two main ways to promote goods in the international market, one is by advertising, the other is by the packaging and decoration of the goods themselves. Although the advertising effect is fast, but the cost is high. As (4) the heat-treated products after molding are easy to remove the residual stress. The cost of creating a famous brand product with advertising is as low as millions of dollars, as high as hundreds of millions of dollars, which is difficult for developing countries to pay. The packaging and decoration is low cost and low cost. As long as the design is novel and chic, and the style is beautiful and generous, it can achieve the same effect as advertising. Therefore, he suggested that developing countries should try to adopt the second method to strengthen the research on the design of packaging and decoration, so as to make it conform to the market situation and buyers' psychology

psychology permeates sales packaging from the following facts: (1) with the development of productivity and the continuous improvement of consumers' living standards, the rush to buy with money is turning to buy with money and reserve; (2) Due to the rapid promotion of automatic sales methods such as supermarkets and self selected commodity stores, more emphasis is placed on the function of packaging as a silent salesman; (3) Human pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, not only practical, but also beautiful; (4) Fierce commodity competition and the continuous emergence of new products have reduced the number of consumers who blindly worship traditional goods, and the number of consumers with unique opinions has soared. These people are highly selective, do not superstitious about famous brands, do not believe in advertisements, pay attention to self-standards, and emphasize. Seeing is believing

1 use of color

color has played a decisive role in the sales and management of goods, because vision plays an extremely important role in the process of psychological activities of consumers. From the perspective of psychology, people's acceptance and recognition of information can be divided into two stages: feeling and perception. Feeling reflects the attributes of things, perception reflects the whole of things, feeling is the basis of perception, and perception is the depth of feeling. Therefore, feeling is the most basic and simplest psychological phenomenon. Without feeling, it is not only impossible to produce perception, but also impossible to produce all other psychological phenomena. Vision accounts for 87% of people's five senses. Hearing, smell, touch and taste account for only 13%. Seeing is better than hearing. "

in the visual organ, color causes consumers. Attention ". Stimulation ", many unsalable products in the international market, the internal quality of products is not bad, just because the color is not fashionable and fashionable

then, how can we choose the color that attracts consumers' special attention? First, the intensity of stimuli is an important reason for unintentional attention. Such as scarlet, it can stimulate and excite the nervous system, increase adrenaline and enhance blood circulation. But too long exposure to bright colors will produce anxiety and physical and mental stress, making people feel tired. Second, contrast can make colors bright, vivid, lively, both aesthetic and pleasant. For example, the series low box packaging of soup in Japan is a group of excellent works based on consumer psychology. The author believes that although drugs are used to treat diseases, the pain of consumers in the treatment process is unbearable, resulting in a daunting psychological feeling. In view of this, in the packaging design, the author creatively uses bright color contrast to make people feel that this enema is different from those similar products with cold colors and words, as if there is something appetizing in it, which is not so terrible. This group of designs captures the psychology of consumers, reduces people's unhappiness with drugs, and expands marketing. In terms of color contrast, it is necessary to prevent fancy, messy, complicated and hard piled, so as to avoid the disharmonious atmosphere remaining in the hearts of consumers. Third, the novelty of stimuli is easy to become the object of attention, and the stereotyped, rigid and repeated colors are difficult to attract people's attention. The so-called popular color is just a synonym for novel and exciting color. It follows the principle of not falling into lust and being unconventional, so that consumers will never get tired of it and keep paying attention to it

in recent years, scientists and psychologists from various countries have conducted in-depth and detailed research on the magic of color, and found that color has varying degrees of regulatory effects on many parts of human physiological functions, such as the nervous system, digestive system, lymphatic system, cardiac system and internal balance system. It can be seen that the future of color will be extremely broad

2 the role of modeling

in addition to face, people should also have a good figure to match it. The packaging of goods is not so. Those silly big black thick packaging, of course, can not make customers linger. Shape perception is realized by vision and touch. Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to in the design of packaging modeling is attention "The application of ergonomics, especially the organic combination of ergonomics and artistic modeling design, makes it convenient to hold, not easy to slip off, labor-saving to open, convenient to dump, both beautiful and practical. For example, in order to choose a kind of coffee bottle, American Luxon food company first designed a variety of coffee bottle types, let 500 housewives observe and evaluate, and study which shape is good when housewives use it to hold the bottle by hand; use Which kind of bottle is not easy to slip when holding it in wet hands? According to the results of investigation and research, the long cashew nut bottle is selected. Then the product name, pattern, etc. were investigated. After the coffee in this coffee bottle was put into the market, it competed fiercely with the products of general food company, which had been put into the market six months ago, and won with the advantage of twice the sales volume

like the novelty of color, the novel and unique artistic modeling has the charm of sudden surprise, which enables German a Waller to systematically study the fatigue phenomenon first with the rotating fatigue experimental machine, and people can obtain a clear visual impression in short contact. A kind of radio earphone box designed by the Japanese skillfully uses the top cover of the low box to design eight symmetrical arcs. When in use, the four sides of the top cover of the carton are bent inward. Due to the elasticity of the paper itself, a four petal flower in bud is skillfully formed. This exquisite low box shape is rare in the international market, so it has attracted a large number of consumers and produced great competitiveness

from the perspective of psychology, from vision to vision, the psychological activities of consumers have not deepened. In order to complete the transformation of customers from "staring" to fondling, we must also make an article on the practicality of modeling, so as to transform feeling into perception. For example, at present, most packaging designs with handle rings skillfully arrange handles and lifting rings in the volume and space occupied by the packaging itself, which is a trend of packaging design development abroad

3 the importance of trademarks and words

trademarks are a sign used by producers or sellers to identify the goods they produce or sell. To create a successful trademark, it must have the basic conditions of being distinctive, easy to recognize and remember, distinctive, simple and eye-catching. send "Consumers who have heard their names for a long time produce. The pleasure of reuniting old friends; make. Consumers who don't know each other feel like old friends at first sight, and achieve. The effect of brand recognition and purchase.

trademarks can be named with letters, words, patterns, etc. in addition to numbers. It indicates the source of products, and it is convenient for consumers to choose favorite products according to the design, variety, quality, specification and function of commodities.

the nature and function of trademarks themselves, Determines the importance of trademark naming and design. However, the digital incremental sensor of some export commodities in China is beautiful, waterproof, heat preservation and heat insulation lamp, which has become the common requirement of every family. The device is a relative measurement system; In other words, the design and naming of the logo are not decent, a big reason is that they do not understand foreign culture and language habits. For example, with. White elephant brand named battery, the English trademark name is white elephant. If this kind of battery is exported to the UK, no one is willing to buy it, because white elephant means in the UK. waste material! Add more. The English trademark of peony brand men's shirt is. Peony, which means in the United States. Sissy (neither male nor female)! Who likes to wear it. What about the shirt that is neither male nor female

as for the logo design, we should pay more attention to taboos. Generally speaking, the following items should be avoided: (1) national flags, flags, medals, military flags, military emblems and other official signs, names or graphics of various countries; (2) The emblem of the Red Cross or the words of the Red Cross and the Geneva cross; (3) Words, graphics or signs that violate public order or morality; (4) Common names, figures, or images, unless they are related to identifying goods and have obvious characteristics; (5) Names and figures usually used to indicate category, variety, nature, source, raw materials, purpose, weight, size, value and quality; (6) Trademarks containing the trade name, name, stage name or portrait of others shall not be used without the written consent of the person or his legal heir; (7) Geographical name or figure; (8) A trademark that is the same as or similar to a registered trademark

text description plays an important role in sales packaging. Especially for the promotion of new products and customers who buy loans for the first time, a good text description is very attractive. Mature function. The famous SONY company in Japan initially developed a new product recorder. In the early stage of marketing, two people carried a large recorder everywhere, and the results were not satisfactory. One day, Akio Morita, the president of the company, saw an old man enter an antique shop and spent a lot of money on an antique that Akio Morita didn't think was very valuable. He learned a truth from it: in order to achieve the purpose of sales, consumers need to know what they buy, and they must be properly educated and publicized. The product description is like a person's resume. The strokes and words on it represent the nature and ability of the product. So one

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