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Packaging design and civilized spirit

the diversified geographical environment and diversified natural products on the earth have created the multicultural and art of human society, and the commodity packaging serving life and spiritual life is the carrier of this multicultural materialization. Design is an activity of consciousness. Packaging design needs to embody a kind of cultural spirit and convey the information of humanistic spirit. Products serve people, live in harmony with people, live in harmony, build harmony, reach harmony and love, and put people first. On the basis of the development of social coordination based on system, people should adapt to the complex needs of contemporary society. After the development of material productivity to a certain stage, the primary problem is not economic development, but the development of social development and humanistic spirit. According to this development, economic development will be reduced, If science and technology is a kind of negative entropy, then the social coordination force based on philosophy, humanities and social sciences is also a kind of negative entropy. It can create a social environment in which human beings can survive healthily. The packaging design elements cover many elements of science, technology and culture at the same time. The design in the 21st century should reflect the concept of low consumption, green and high efficiency. This is a new civilization in which entropy civilization and nature coexist and flourish, While protecting the three limitations of the environment, we should also maintain a survival mode that integrates population, environment, resources, society, spirit, future and so on. This is the transition to ecological civilization, green civilization and entropy civilization. The so-called entropy civilization is to regulate human and nature with the minimum entropy increase scale. With the power battery's requirements for energy density and performance, human The material relationship between people and society and social civilization, which regulates social phenomena and conflicts of various social norms, minimizes the entropy increase of human activities, and strives to establish a civilized society in which the total amount of social consumption is balanced with the reproduction of nature, without environmental deficit, that is, a civilized society in line with ecological laws. Entropy thinking mode can awaken the rationality of consumers. As Toynbee emphasized, "human beings should turn from the material center to the spiritual center." Commodity packaging should not only beautify life and optimize the environment, but also activate the market, activate the economy, and display commodities. Sales bring unique and healthy aesthetic feelings to consumers, and transmit beauty in the whole social environment. Only one injection molding machine can add highlights. Although the packaging of products is different from the product itself, it is like a shadow in people's life, and it is not a pure spiritual category. Its commercial nature cannot ignore its function, Its cultural connotation also forms a scope and guides people's lifestyle and social behavior in people's life. Green logo, green marketing, green food, green trade, green management, green information, green channel, green enterprise, green consumption, green environmental protection industry, etc. are all unified with the long-term goals of mankind, and are also the concrete embodiment of the philosophy of harmonious coexistence between man and nature under modern conditions

new products continue to be developed and produced, almost increasing in geometric numbers. With the improvement of people's living standards and the increase in the demand for commodities, the subsequent packaging waste is increasing day by day. The key to solving this problem is to minimize the emissions of waste and gas pollution in the production process, and realize the wide circulation of products and the recycling and reuse of natural resources, Make the circular economy chain of the enterprise become the power source of the current sustainable economic development, so that the materials are the most economical, the wastes are the least, the resources and energy are saved, non-toxic and harmless, do not pollute the human body and the environment, the packaging materials do not pollute the atmospheric water source in the production process, and the wastes are easy to be recycled and easily consumed by the environment. With the progress of science and technology and advanced equipment, packaging materials are required to have no negative impact on products and the environment in every link of the production process, "Zeng an said. In the order of safe production, do not use adhesives, printing inks and accessories with toxic and side effects, and carefully consider the impact of design on social models, cultural values, ethics and spiritual fields

author/Wu Dan source: China's new packaging

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