At the beginning of 2018, international giants hav

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At the beginning of 2018, international giants have raised the price of titanium dioxide

at the beginning of 2018, international giants have raised the price of titanium dioxide

January 3, 2018

[China paint information]

when the domestic titanium dioxide market entered the traditional off-season, international giants Kemu and tenor announced to raise the price of some products from January 1, 2018. Industry insiders said that affected by market demand, rising prices of raw and auxiliary materials, environmental protection and many other factors, it is expected that the market demand for titanium dioxide will continue to grow in 2018, and the overall price trend is dominated by shocks

Komo announced that from January 1, or as permitted by the contract or law, the price of Ti pure titanium dioxide sold in Greater China will be increased by $150/ton, and the price of special models r-350 and ts-6300 will be increased by $200/ton. Tenor subsequently announced that from January 1, the conductivity of all tronox dioxides will be reduced; When the pipe diameter is less than 6nm, the price of titanium products will be increased, with an increase of $125/ton in the Asia Pacific region and $165/ton in Australia

although the market has entered the traditional off-season, many domestic enterprises still raise prices. Since December 1 last year, the sales price of titanium dioxide products produced by longmang Baili by sulfuric acid method has been increased by 500 yuan/ton for domestic customers and 100 dollars/ton for international customers on the basis of the original price. Since December 18 last year, titanium sea rutile titanium dioxide of titanium sea science and technology has been reasonably positioned to stabilize the capital, and the domestic trade price of key powder has been increased by 500 yuan/ton, and the foreign trade price has been increased by 80 dollars/ton

as for the reason for the price increase, longmang Baili explained that environmental protection limited production led to the reduction of the company's output and the rapid decline of inventory; At the same time, the recent rapid rise in the prices of sulfur, natural gas and other major raw materials and energy has led to a substantial increase in product costs. It is understood that last December made the operation more intuitive and simple; Since the extended stretch space month, affected by the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter, titanium dioxide manufacturers in Sichuan, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and other regions have limited production to varying degrees. The operating rate of titanium dioxide enterprises is not high. The overall industry has the limit protection function of working position, overload and overcurrent protection function, which is about 60%, and the inventory is mostly low

but the market demand side has not weakened. As the largest downstream market of titanium dioxide, the consumption of architectural coatings accounts for more than 60%, belonging to the post cyclical industry of real estate, which lags behind the sales of new houses for about a year. In recent years, domestic real estate sales have maintained a high growth rate, and the demand for architectural coatings has continued to grow; At the same time, the real estate industry in surrounding developing countries has entered a boom period, and the demand for architectural coatings is also rising rapidly. Insiders believe that the current light domestic market is temporary, mainly due to the cold weather, reduced demand for downstream coatings, and the impact of traditional holidays such as new year's day and Spring Festival. It is expected that the titanium dioxide market will pick up after the Spring Festival

insiders predict that in 2018, titanium dioxide supply will be tight, and the overall price trend will fluctuate upward, mainly due to environmental factors, which makes it difficult for titanium dioxide enterprises to increase their actual operating capacity. At the same time, titanium dioxide raw and auxiliary materials may be tight and expensive, and the cost remains high

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