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Mushroom Street + Huawei cloud native, open a new way of live broadcast

at present, live broadcast has become a core bonus track in the current e-commerce industry. Based on Huawei cloud's application centric cloud native infrastructure, mushroom street has created a cloud native special effect solution, which has opened a new way of live broadcast and greatly improved customers' shopping experience. This time, mushroom street is once again in front of the tuyere, It has led a new direction for the live broadcast platform in the fog

the pain of live broadcast e-commerce in the air outlet

Fastdata analysis report shows that in the first half of 2020, the transaction volume of China's live broadcast e-commerce exceeded 300billion yuan, and colleagues actually increased by 62.5% over the same period. At the same time, with the landing of 5g business, users also have more expectations for a faster, smoother and more interesting live shopping experience. If e-commerce platforms want to lead the future, being prepared for danger in times of safety and seeking change through innovation are the top priority at present

5g, users' demands for face changing, 3D filter impact testing machine industry are triggering a green revolution, virtual characters and other special effects scenes are getting higher and higher. From e-commerce giants to short video streaming, they are inevitably suffering from some live broadcast pain in innovative business:

in terms of business model, product form is single, content homogenization is serious, footwear and clothing categories are mature, but the return rate is high, and the operation cost is also increasing

in terms of technology research and development, the computing power on the end is increasingly unable to meet the demands of various special effects scenarios, but the special effects algorithm is a practical application scenario of AI algorithm in the field of computer vision, which not only has a high technical threshold, but also has high requirements for hardware performance and reasoning delay

application centric cloud native infrastructure, the booster of mushroom street

in view of the problems faced by previous cloud native solutions under the scenario of high concurrency and massive computing tasks, such as high performance loss, large delay, uneven resource scheduling and so on, Huawei cloud took the lead in proposing the concept of cloud native in infrastructure, and built an application centric cloud native infrastructure based on Huawei cloud Optimus architecture

based on the original container full unloading technology of Optimus architecture, the resource utilization and performance of the container cluster are greatly improved, which can save 30% of the resource cost and improve twice the business processing efficiency

the intelligent computing power scheduling system makes intelligent decision-making, scheduling, dynamic over division and time-sharing reuse of computing power according to the application traffic, node resource utilization, network topology and other runtime States, combined with the SLA requirements of the application for key indicators such as performance, cost and reliability, so as to ensure that the application SLA meets the business requirements

network hardware pass through and elastic Eni technology can directly allocate QoS guaranteed network resources for container instances. Not only does it have no loss of performance, but more importantly, it can dynamically divide functional membrane materials according to application demands. It is an important part of the "new material industry" of the first national strategic emerging industry. It can increase the bandwidth by 2 times and flexibly match the differentiated demands of different businesses. This innovation and upgrading of Huawei cloud, It will provide an infrastructure platform with higher cost performance and better experience for business

it is easy to get the extreme performance, efficient scheduling and other advantages of the application centered cloud native foundation. The requirements of the fixture structure for the mushroom Street replacement have improved the efficiency of the face effect several times. In only 3 seconds, it can complete AI modeling, face recognition and replacement, experience the real-time trial effect synchronized with the anchor, immediately judge whether the clothes are suitable for me, and truly give users an immersive shopping experience

compared with the traditional live e-commerce model, the try on experience greatly dispels users' doubts after purchase, shortens users' decision-making time, and reduces the return rate; Through the face changing effect, the interaction between the anchor and users is enhanced, and the user stickiness and access time are effectively increased. Mushroom street is taking advantage of the wind and occupying the minds of groups of users

(Demo demonstration of Huawei cloud face changing technology: the right figure is the anchor, and the left figure is the user)

under the concept of cloud native in infrastructure, Huawei cloud has comprehensively upgraded the cloud native solution, and promoted the cloud native industry to the application-centered cloud native 2.0 era through three innovations: redefining infrastructure, new enabling ubiquitous applications, and upgrading application architecture, and through continuous innovation, Create a worry free digital foundation for customers in the future

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