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Is the cost of acquiring customers on the mutual fund platform increasing? Cloud communication should participate in cross-border "mediation"

according to the data of the third-party platform investment home, in the field of Internet finance, the cost range of an internet financial start-up company's investment in 2013 was yuan, while in 2016, it at least tripled to yuan. At first glance, this figure looks very surprising, and even makes people think how can it be so high? In fact, we can know a thing or two by looking at where the money has been spent. In order to enhance the popularity and trust of an internet financial platform among investors, the platform will generally adopt all-round marketing promotion. In addition to online promotion such as SEO, SEM and marketing, TV advertising, paper advertising, outdoor advertising, etc., all need to invest a lot of money. Moreover, with the continued popularity of Internet Finance and the importance attached to risk issues, it is reasonable for advertising prices to rise in the past two years

however, the situation may be worse than the rising cost of getting customers. Because the introduction of the new deal imposes many restrictions on advertising on Internet Financial platforms. On April 13 this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other 17 ministries and commissions issued the implementation plan for the special rectification of Internet financial advertisements. They will work with the financial regulatory authorities to speed up the formulation of the market access list for the release of financial advertisements, study and formulate the negative list that is forbidden to be released and the established prior review system for the release of financial advertisements. Previously, the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce and other 11 departments jointly issued the implementation opinions on strengthening the supervision of financial investment and wealth management advertisements in the prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising activities. This means that no matter high-speed rail or subway bus stop signs, sports events or major satellite TV, all Internet financial enterprises can not put advertisements at will, but will face a series of unprecedented reviews and word restrictions. In fact, the contract with CCTV was suspended at the beginning of January this year after it won the Yilong loan of CCTV's benchmark king with a lavish investment of 370million yuan last November

in this situation, how can Internet financial enterprises effectively reduce the cost of customer acquisition and improve the efficiency of customer acquisition, and how can they improve their competitiveness in marketing, collection, user experience and other links? Cloud communication may help Internet enterprises solve these problems to a certain extent

cloud communication, by integrating the network resources and communication resources of operators, packs professional communication capabilities into API interfaces and SDKs to provide enterprises and developers with convenient, efficient and cost-effective communication services such as call, SMS, video, call center, Im, traffic and industrial communication solutions in different scenarios. In short, cloud communication is a new mode of cloud services such as PAAS and SaaS, which changes the traditional enterprise level communication and gives enterprises high-energy cloud communication and light vehicle weight. It is a communication capability that people have been seeking to explore

this cloud communication capability is a new production capability for Internet financial enterprises, which enables Internet financial enterprises and users to share technologies, resources and portals. As for how to reduce the customer acquisition cost of the mutual fund platform, Zuo Kui, co-founder of Ronglian cloud communication, recently put forward the idea of combining communication, cloud computing and Internet finance. For example, embedding the call service traffic service of Ronglian cloud communication into the mutual fund product app can provide users with accompanying communication capabilities, which is also expected to become the best value-added service scheme for the Internet financial platform to seize the entrance, because this scheme can not only reduce the customer acquisition cost, optimize the operation data, but also improve the viscosity and activity of users. In addition, Ronglian's cloud communication services such as cloud phone sales and call signature can also help internet financial enterprises further reduce the cost of customer acquisition communication, increase accurate customer acquisition, improve the connection rate, and then improve the business promotion rate

of course, the Internet financial platform also faces the problems of low collection efficiency and low connection rate. The business links of collection are simply summarized as three: one is to call customers, the other is to answer users, and the third is to repay users. However, these seemingly simple three links are actually the most likely to waste time in the first two links, which will affect the overall collection efficiency. In order to improve the efficiency of collection work, combined with the overall deployment of the reform of the scientific and technological system, we need to innovate the working methods in the two links of calling customers and answering users. For example, the predictive intelligent outbound call service provided by Ronglian cloud communication adopts the strategy of importing numbers in batches, and then the system keeps calling customers, calling a customer and then transferring it to the collector, so that the collector can spend his time communicating with customers, Instead of dialing. The data shows that through this intelligent outbound call method, the outbound call efficiency can be increased by three times, and the working efficiency of the collector can be increased by 50%

in addition to the long-standing problem of low collection efficiency, Internet Financial platforms also suffer from data sensitivity and high difficulty in privacy protection. The increase of cutting speed will aggravate the side wear, customer privacy, and private leakage perpendicular to the axis of the sample, and even jump order transactions, which is not what the Internet financial platform wants to see. However, the fact is not transferred by people's will. It has become the norm for jump order trading on some mutual gold platforms. For this problem, the number guard solution of Ronglian cloud communication can effectively help internet financial enterprises solve this problem by virtue of the advantages of anonymous calls, preventing customer privacy disclosure and anti skip orders

of course, Ronglian also provides basic services such as SMS verification code and voice verification code. When the customer cannot receive the SMS verification code, the system will automatically trigger the voice verification code. Through the dual channels of SMS verification code and voice verification code, 99.9% arrival rate of the verification code can be achieved

it can be said that cloud communication is equivalent to inserting the wings of the cloud into Internet financial enterprises, and can solve several major problems that restrict the development of Internet financial enterprises, such as high customer acquisition costs and low collection efficiency. As the largest enterprise communication cloud service provider in China, Rong Lian provides enterprise customers with communication platform services (PAAS) and communication software services (SaaS) by relying on Internet and cloud computing, which can help internet financial enterprises improve the communication efficiency with customers and promote the healthy and sustainable development of mutual financial platform

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