The hottest music guardrail is made of waste plast

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Music guardrail is made of waste plastic bottles

Music guardrail is made of waste plastic bottles

yesterday, sixorseven creative guardrails appeared in the ICIF square. Woven into a row with bamboo sticks and fixed by two wide bamboo boards up and down, there is an idyllic scenery. The waste brooms or bamboo rakes are used and arranged vertically beside the flowers, giving people a simple feeling. The bamboo poles are high and low. The bamboo poles are painted with a layer of paint, wavy, giving people the deep feeling of the sea

the most creative is the phonological wall made of more than 40 waste empty drinking water bottles. The empty plastic bottles are attached with a sound when pressing the foot. The surface automatically processes the experimental data symbols according to the requirements of the experimental method. Doramifasolasi, the spring water Ding Dong, full of rhythm

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