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Multinational giants are optimistic about China's nuclear power

at the "Eighth China International Nuclear Power Industry Exhibition" opened in Beijing on April 19, the rapid development of China's nuclear power industry attracted extensive attention from domestic and foreign enterprises. In the context of the development opportunities of the nuclear power industry, Chinese and foreign enterprises are optimistic about China's nuclear power market, and China's nuclear power industry may become a dazzling pearl in the global economic downturn

the third generation nuclear power technology became the highlight of the exhibition

the three-day exhibition including its cyrolite acrylic copolymer attracted more than 200 nuclear power industrial enterprises and scientific research institutions from 15 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and the number of exhibitors reached the best level in history. According to this newspaper, in the domestic exhibition area of the exhibition, China nuclear power industry group, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and China Power Investment Group, which have the qualification to absolutely control the construction of nuclear power plants, especially their cable entry device parts industry, occupy the main position. In addition to the nuclear prefix enterprises, the traditional thermal power generation companies Datang Power and Huaneng Power also set up large booths. At the exhibition, many enterprises showed the AP1000 nuclear power unit model, which represents the most advanced nuclear power technology in the world, and became a highlight of the exhibition

on the opening day of the nuclear power exhibition, it coincided with the start of pouring the first tank of concrete for Zhejiang Sanmen third generation pressurized water reactor AP1000 nuclear power plant, which is the first AP1000 nuclear power plant in China and the world. AP1000 technology is an important measure to promote the independent construction of nuclear power in China, marking that China's nuclear power industry is at the forefront of nuclear power technology in the world

in addition to the highlight of the AP1000 unit model exhibition, the cap1400 nuclear power plant main model oil pump electromechanical shutdown type placed in front of the exhibition booth of National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation also attracted many visitors. Cap1400 nuclear power technology is a nuclear power technology with China's independent intellectual property rights, which is being developed by the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation on the basis of the introduction and absorption of the third generation nuclear power technology AP1000. It is also one of the major projects in China's medium and long-term scientific and technological development plan

China's nuclear power safety level is basically in line with the international level.

at present, most of the nuclear power projects built and under construction in China are concentrated in coastal areas, and there are no nuclear power plants in inland provinces. With the improvement of the technical level and safety performance of nuclear power units, it is possible to build nuclear power plants in the interior. The head of the national energy administration also revealed that all inland nuclear power plants in China will adopt third-generation nuclear power technology. Dafan in Hubei, Taohuajiang in Hunan and Pengze in Jiangxi have been identified as the sites of the first batch of inland nuclear power plants in China. In front of the booth of China Power Investment Corporation, I saw the engineering model of Jiangxi Pengze nuclear power project

in the future, the construction of nuclear power stations inland will also give more consideration to safety technology. At the exhibition, we learned from nuclear safety experts of relevant national departments that nuclear power technology has been a safe and mature technology. There are seven levels of nuclear incidents. So far, there have been no safety incidents above level 2 in the 11 nuclear power units operated in China, which is mainly due to the strict supervision system and the effective management of government departments in the process of nuclear power plant design, manufacturing and construction

the participating experts also introduced to this newspaper that China's nuclear power safety is basically synchronized with the world, and some aspects have some Chinese characteristics

it is understood that in Guangdong Daya Bay nuclear power plant, there is a "nuclear safety culture", the core content of which is to always put safety first, so that every employee can become a barrier to nuclear safety. "In addition, the construction of nuclear power stations should be well publicized. The people should have the right to know and speak. The construction of nuclear power is for the benefit of the people, and doing anything may have risks. We should let the people know the benefits of nuclear power."

foreign investors are optimistic about the development prospect of China's nuclear power

at present, nuclear power generation accounts for about 16% of the world's total power generation, while China's nuclear power generation in 2008 accounted for only 1.99% of the total power generation. Safe, economical and clean nuclear power has huge development space in China

the attractive Chinese nuclear power market makes many nuclear power enterprises covet. Multinational giants are optimistic about China's nuclear power industry. In this exhibition, the international booth occupies half the area of the exhibition hall, and the number of exhibitors is 109, even more than the number of Chinese exhibitors. ALSTOM, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other well-known foreign manufacturers were all present. France, Spain, Russia and South Korea also participated in the exhibition in the form of national exhibition groups. Some exhibitors said that participating in the exhibition is mainly a kind of publicity of the enterprise's own image

Sanders, deputy general manager of the nuclear power department of EDF China, a leading enterprise in the French nuclear power industry, said he was very satisfied with the cooperation with China's nuclear power industry when talking about his feelings about the exhibition

as for whether he is worried about the threat posed by China's nuclear power development to the French industry, Saunders said: "China is definitely not a threat, China is an opportunity. French electric power and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group have a joint venture to build Taishan nuclear power plant, and they own part of the equity of Taishan nuclear power plant. French electric power is committed to becoming China's long-term partner."

"we intend to stay in China for a long time and maintain a leading edge in the market. The 6th International Friction and fatigue society will be held in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, from October 25 to November 2, 2010. We are willing to bring the latest technology to Chinese customers." Andersthelin, executive vice president of Sandvik Group in Sweden, is also very optimistic about the prospect of China's nuclear power development

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