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MVG with 5g test solutions appeared at GSMA thrive o biosphere exhibition

the first GSMA thrive o biosphere exhibition organized by the GSM Association kicked off today. Industry leaders from all over the world will discuss the themes of 5g and network, artificial intelligence, future IOT and digital transformation at a three-day live and on-demand conference from June 30 to July 2

the wireless connectivity testing expert microwave Vision Group (hereinafter referred to as MVG) took connectivity testing in the wireless world as the theme, fully participated in this online exhibition, and focused on displaying three flagship products. They are: STARWAVE, a new solution for 5g millimeter wave OTA testing; Starlab 50 G10 specially designed for telecommunications, aviation and defense markets at 15:00 Hz on October 25; Portable and compact OTA test system Minilab | 6 GHz Ota

5g commercial has been fully launched, and 2020 is also regarded as a year of accelerated development of 5g. Driven by the new infrastructure policy, China's 5g construction has entered the process of large-scale deployment and application innovation. Antenna testing plays an important role in 5g construction and escorts 5g new infrastructure

per Iversen, chief technology officer of MVG, said: m protection subgrade VG is committed to leading 5g antenna testing, and meets customers' current and future testing needs by providing scalable and flexible testing solutions. MVG's advanced 5g testing solution has been recognized by customers and the industry, which can help customers develop and launch high-quality products to stand out in the highly competitive market

starwave solution is the perfect choice for 5g millimeter wave OTA testing, for 5g, tablet and notebook computers. As the most compact solution on the market, STARWAVE can test 5g devices flexibly, accurately and efficiently. It consists of one or several (up to seven) plane wave generators fixed on a vertical and rotating disk at an angle of 90 degrees. There is an electromagnetic transparent mast installed on the azimuth locator at the front of the disc, which is used to support and rotate the equipment in the test. Depending on the condition of the equipment, the interface used between the mast and the equipment under test may be placed in a chair where the person holding the equipment can sit

mvg starwave

mvg starlab 50 GHz test system is the world's first multi probe test and measurement system that can test high-frequency bands up to 50 GHz, providing a forward-looking turnkey solution for the development and verification of 5g equipment. In addition, starlab 50 GHz adopts a compact and convenient design, which can free up more space and production environment for the laboratory and save costs

mvg starlab 50 ghz

5g era, air active (OTA) testing is the key technology. Minilab | 6 GHz Ota is a portable and compact OTA test system, equipped with a full wave anechoic chamber, which supports high-precision and fast OTA measurement, including critical low power sensitivity measurement. Because the complete spherical radiation characterization of the equipment to be tested can be obtained, users can obtain the advantages and disadvantages analysis of wireless connection performance, and can diagnose how to optimize the product. Minilab | 6 GHz OTA's automation and intuitive user interface enable IOT equipment enterprises that lack experience in antenna testing to perform efficient OTA testing with high precision

MVG Minilab | 6 GHz OTA

welcome to the exhibition site to fully understand MVG's advanced 5g antenna testing solutions

about French MVG

thermoplastic unidirectional belt processing technology French microwave Vision Group is the world's leading manufacturer of antenna testing and measurement systems, RF safety equipment and electromagnetic compatibility. Its source company, Satimo, was first founded in France in 1986. With the expansion of its business, MVG group was officially established in 2008, including four major industrial enterprises, including Satimo, orbit/fr, AEMI and Rainford. The group has seven R & D and production bases in the world: factories in the Middle East specialize in the production of positioning systems, five factories in Europe are responsible for the production of antennas, detection arrays, darkrooms and test and measurement systems, and factories in the United States are responsible for the production of microwave absorbing materials. MVG group entered China in 2004. In order to support the development of China's local market, the group has a subsidiary in Hong Kong, microwave vision AMS. In October 2017, MVG China - Weirui Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the first domestic subsidiary, was established in Shenzhen. The group's professional project and technical teams are all over Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xi'an, providing integrated project design, implementation and management services to Chinese customers

French MVG group is committed to supporting national defense, homeland security, aviation. They also affirmed the humidity driven shrinkage mechanism of go-pda nanocomposites due to uneven stress on the sheet, aerospace, satellite, wireless telecommunications, automotive industry, university research and development, RF safety, material measurement and other industries. MVG has been striving to maximize the interests of customers and is committed to meeting the needs of customers. For more information, please visit the official website:

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