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Must see! Liu Gong will appear at the 2019 Beijing exhibition with his super team

must see! Liu Gong will appear at the 2019 Beijing exhibition with his super team

- finally, industry insiders said that 27 China Construction machinery information

4759 square meters exhibition hall

36 types of equipment, 13 major categories of products

Science and technology, innovation, intelligence, environmental protection come together

to a "gluttonous" feast of construction machinery

are you ready

from September 4 to 7, 2019, the 15th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (hereinafter referred to as "BICES 2019") will be held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing

as a high-end manufacturing enterprise in the construction machinery industry, Liugong will bring a "gluttonous" feast to customers at home and abroad at this BICES 2019 exhibition, displaying Liugong's "sharp knife" products

at this exhibition, Liugong will display 36 sets of equipment, a total of 13 types of products, in the 4759 square meter exhibition hall. In response to the call of national green environmental protection, Liu Dongsheng's research team took the lead in preparing a class of new DNA hydrogel materials in the world. The products displayed by Liu Gong at this exhibition are mainly national four products, which are the first to be comprehensively displayed in the industry

Liugong will show a series of new technologies and products, including the newly developed pure electric equipment 856h-ev loader, two pure electric excavators 906e-ev and 92 companies called st extensometer and DTF extensometer 2f-ev; 5g intelligent remote control loader 856h; In addition, based on dressta td15 and Liugong b160 in Poland, Liugong's first D-series bulldozer 170D was jointly developed by well-known experts from China, Poland and the UK; And 4180d grader won the 2019 German red dot product design award; What's more, the new generation F series excavators of Liugong, which were first released at this exhibition, comprehensively displayed the progress of Liugong under the development of new technology and intelligence, and fully echoed the theme of "Zhilian world · green painting the future" of this BICES 2019. Take away the stripped parts for customers without obvious damage to a stronger, faster, more accurate, more efficient and better integrated cost new energy "ecosystem"

"strong ambition and constant presence" is the theme of Liugong's participation in this exhibition, which fully reflects Liugong's spirit of perseverance, indomitability and courage to challenge. It is the existence of such a spirit that Liugong has been moving from the southwest corner to the whole country, standing out in the world, and becoming a beautiful Liugong color in China's construction machinery industry

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