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Multinational tire enterprises compete to expand Chinese investment

the United States' ruling on the "double reverse" of Chinese tires will be implemented, and the export of Chinese tires to the U.S. market will be subject to high tax rates. Just when Chinese tire enterprises were worried about the prospects of the export market, they noticed that multinational tire enterprises were optimistic about the growth prospects of the Chinese market, competing to increase investment in the Chinese market and constantly upgrading the development strategy of the Chinese market

"in fact, Chinese tire enterprises should quickly turn their attention to the domestic market. Otherwise, the war at home in the future may be more brutal than in the international market." An insider told

upgrading products and technology

according to the analysis of relevant insiders, the strategic changes of multinational tire enterprises in China in recent years are first reflected in the upgrading of tire technology and products

"many tire manufacturers in China are still producing outdated tires. In fact, China is not short of tires at present, what is lacking is tires with high-tech content." In a media interview, Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. said

"in China, domestic enterprises rely on price competition and international enterprises rely on technology competition. In the short term, domestic enterprises seem to be OK, but the result of long-term competition must be technology." The boss of a domestic tire company expressed his views frankly when communicating with the tire world

in line with the development needs of occupying the Chinese market for a long time, multinational tire enterprises began to take "high-tech content" as the standard and introduce internationally advanced technology and even the latest generation of products into China. For example, Goodyear's Yucheng II tire released in China is the quietest luxury car tire in its history. It adopts Goodyear's latest generation of "silent tread" design to minimize tire noise; Bridgestone released and launched a new generation of "anchior" in China, which can safely drive a certain distance at a certain speed after the tire pressure is lost

in order to make the imported products more suitable for the Chinese market, multinational tire companies have also successively established R & D centers in China, so as to provide more perfect and convenient technical support for the local market. According to incomplete statistics, Michelin, large single performance or microcomputer controlled tire enterprises such as Lu, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Hantai and Jinhu have established R & D centers in China

a new phenomenon was also found, That is, some enterprises no longer stick to it "As in previous years, the success partners directly brought their products to China to put on the market, but let China's R & D center fully participate in the development of new products. For example, Michelin's Shanghai R & D center participated in the development of its new green tire energy mxv8, and plans to gradually replace the original old products with new products in China in the future; the new products of GUPT tires have also been specially designed for the Chinese market Calculate

invest heavily to expand production capacity

it is understood that another big move of the multinational tire enterprises (preferably buying experimental models that can set the speed) industry in China is to invest a huge amount of money to expand production capacity. At present, the overall investment data are not available, but material performance analysis shows that all international tire companies have strategies and plans to expand production capacity in China in recent years

Recently, Continental group announced that it would invest 500million euros to expand its production base in Hefei, Anhui Province, including the production of bicycle and automobile tires. According to relevant plans, by 2019, the annual output of passenger car tires in Hefei will increase from 5million to 14million, and the output of bicycle tires will increase from about 2million to 13million by 2025. The company plans to invest about 1billion euros in China in the next five years

not long ago, Bridgestone completed the second phase expansion project of radial tire with an investment of 196000 US dollars in Wuxi. The project can now produce 2.74 million radial tires per year, and 5.48 million radial tires per year after the completion of the expansion project, of which the environmental protection investment is 34.8 million yuan, accounting for about 2.5% of the total investment

recently, Hantai tire announced the completion of the agent layout of its new brand Lu Oufeng in China. Although the specific investment amount of Hantai in China has not been found in the tire world, Hantai has now set up a regional headquarters, a research and development center and three production bases in China. It is estimated that the annual production capacity of its Chinese market will reach 36million by 2015. By 2020, the overall production capacity of Chinese factories will account for more than 40% of the global production capacity of Hantai tires. A series of vivid figures show that Hantai tire attaches great importance to the Chinese market

while expanding factory production capacity, multinational tire companies also strengthen China's strategic layout and enhance market competitiveness by increasing physical stores, online e-commerce or setting up experience centers

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