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Municipal Administration: anticoagulation from "rescue" to daily work, deicing from pure manual to mechanized

at 9:30 p.m. on December 28, light rain fell on Xiaoguan super bridge. Soon, a thin layer of frozen ice appeared on the aluminum alloy guardrails and sidewalks on the bridge deck

"prepare for deicing and snow melting, prepare for deicing and snow melting!" At this time, the voice of Hejun, the chief commander of Guiyang Municipal Engineering Management Office in charge of anticoagulation this week, came from the bridgehead. As the command was issued, a yellow deicing and snow melting vehicle slowly drove from the culvert entrance of Xiaoguan tunnel towards the Guanshan Lake area, and a powdered white snow melting agent was hoisted at the tail of the vehicle

"although the workload of deicing and snow melting has increased in recent years, jiayirong tmemi ⑵ 00 can effectively improve the smooth plasticization of materials." Zhang Hua, head of the road maintenance unit of Guiyang Municipal Administration Office, who has worked in the front line of anticoagulation for many years, said that on the one hand, this is because everyone has accumulated experience and can basically predict which nodes may freeze, on the other hand, it is because the Municipal Administration Office has added two professional deicing and snowmelt vehicles

"in the past, when manual deicing and snow melting were carried out, eight or nine people were required to sprinkle with their hands or pots on Chang'an cars. It took at least ten hours to deice and snow melt the main roads in charge from beginning to end." Zhang Hua said that now the main roads have been fully covered with pure mechanization of deicing and snow melting. The deicing and snow melting car only needs two people, and it takes only two hours to complete one deicing and snow melting, and the deicing is more uniform

that night, Hu Yugang, deputy director of the drainage Institute of Guiyang Municipal Engineering Department, was also carrying out deicing and snow melting work on the Xiaoguan bridge. He said that for the anti freezing work in Guiyang, 2008 was a "milestone": "the once-in-50-year freezing disaster weather caught us unprepared. With the differentiation of various regions in the fields of natural gas, liquefied natural gas and coal, I clearly remember that at that time, we took a shovel to deice here, and the lunch box was blown cold after opening for two minutes."

after the freezing, the municipal people checked and filled the deficiencies according to their work responsibilities, optimized relevant measures, and turned anticoagulation from "emergency" into daily work

with the continuous development of the city, there are now 13 more roads to be managed by the municipal government, and the anticoagulation workload also increases

"we also learned a set of effective management methods." Hu Yugang said that during the day, the municipal front-line operators continuously carry out road inspections at 0:00, 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. at night to inspect the management and maintenance facilities and the freezing conditions of road sections. It is amazing to reach such a high valuation in a short time. Deicing and snow melting measures are taken for important roads, important nodes, open bridges and other icy roads in Guiyang city to eliminate potential road safety hazards

since December 1 this year, the municipal administration has launched the "emergency plan for the maintenance and management of municipal facilities in severe weather", with all material reserves and personnel arrangements in place. After freezing weather, the urban management system will strengthen the 24-hour duty system, comprehensively strengthen the information monitoring and emergency disposal scheduling of ice prone sections, arrange work according to the weather forecast, and improve the efficiency of road maintenance; Timely collect the information reflected by the citizens on the "Guiyang people's photos" app, and quickly go to the scene to get half the result with half the effort

in terms of specific operation, we are also constantly exploring "tricks". For example, when removing ice and snow every time, if it is a single side with two lanes, start with the fast lane first; If it is a single side three lane, start with the middle lane. This is because the deicing agent will flow to the slow lane or both lanes

at 11 p.m., after the work of Xiaoguan super bridge was completed, Hu Yugang rushed to the "field" of the drainage station to inspect. Our newspaper Tang Li

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