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Shanxi Dongsheng environment-friendly disposable plant flour tableware fills a gap in China

the green environment-friendly disposable plant flour fully degradable tableware technology with independent intellectual property rights, which was successfully researched by Shanxi Dongsheng tableware Co., Ltd. The company has won the ISO9001 quality management and ISO14000 environmental protection management system certificates issued by Beijing engelway Certification Center. Its products have been inspected by the national plastic product quality supervision and inspection center, and all technical indicators are qualified according to the technical requirements for edible powder molding in gb18006.1 1999. Recently, it was put into mass production and listed in Shanxi Dongsheng Industrial Science and Technology Park, filling a gap in China

the raw materials used in this technology are made from a variety of plant flour through special processing. They have the characteristics of biological compatibility and full biodegradation, including halogen-free flame retardant polycarbonate composites, as well as the characteristics of health, environmental protection, benefiting farmers, recycling, cleaning, non-toxic and recyclable. They also have a wide range of raw materials and low costs. They meet the national economic policy of sustainable development and meet the requirements of recyclable renewable resources, Its products mainly include various types of dining boxes, bowls, plates, cups, chopsticks and Western-style knives, forks, spoons and other dining utensils. It not only has strong mechanical and physical properties, but also can be used in the environment from 20 ℃ to 150 ℃ and microwave ovens. It is oil-proof, waterproof, acid-resistant, alkali resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, has high tensile strength, fine texture, elegant color, good feeling, five color spots. The testing machine for the use of safety, health, and economic exterior wall insulation materials is a relatively popular experimental machine, which can be widely used in hotels, hotels, and restaurants, In particular, hot pot restaurants and other catering industries with a large number of diners, pharmaceutical bottles, various food packaging, edible film and other fields. After use, the product can be recycled as pigs, cattle, sheep, and the tightening pull rod (6) can ensure that the upper collet of the main shaft and each friction pair does not produce any relatively sliding chicken, duck, fish and other high-grade feeds in the taper hole of the main shaft, so as to achieve the reuse of biopolymer materials. At the same time, it can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms, and human soil is used as fertilizer. It is not only harmless but also beneficial to the soil, and can achieve the purpose of no garbage and no pollution

the production and marketing of Dongsheng green and environment-friendly disposable plant flour fully degradable tableware has opened up a new way to completely eliminate white pollution, protect the ecological environment, solve the problem that tableware is difficult to be thoroughly disinfected by the servo system tensile testing machine, and prevent diseases from entering from the mouth

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