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Shanying international Thailand Bazhen Buri project is planned to be put into operation in the near future release date: Source: China paper media

it is reported that Shanying Thailand Bazhen Buri project is planned to be put into operation in the near future. By the end of September last year, Shanying has built an annual production capacity of 700000 tons of recycled pulp in Southeast Asia and has realized mass production. The production of Thailand Bazhen Buri project will further improve the production capacity of Shanying recycled pulp. This is of great significance

recently, Shanying international also made it clear in its answer to investors' questions that compared with domestic waste paper and wood pulp, the cost of the company's recycled pulp in Southeast Asia must be timely repaired or replaced by the supplier at the same time. At present, the paper industry is facing the challenge of rising raw material costs, and the raw material cost advantage of Shanying international will become more and more prominent

it is understood that Kaideng company has provided 400000 T/a pulping equipment and flow system for the 4800 pulp board line of Shanying Thailand Bazhen Buri project. The project is a renewable fiber pulp machine production line with imported American waste as raw material invested by Shanying international in Thailand's Bazhen Buri base. The smooth operation of this pulp machine may provide reference for domestic paper enterprises to solve the problem of raw material supply. The technical requirements are not very high

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