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Shanxi's "water testing" electric agricultural machinery has set off a "green revolution" in the agricultural machinery industry.

at present, it is the busy season of spring farming, and it is called yielding when the force remains unchanged or fluctuates. It is found that the electric agricultural machinery independently developed by local enterprises in Shanxi Province has become a hot commodity in the agricultural machinery market, and the agricultural machinery industry is setting off a "green revolution"

recently, in Matou village, donghuangshui Town, Yangqu County, Taiyuan City, villager zhangchune was busy planting corn in the field. "Electric agricultural machinery is a good thing. It is not only clean and environmentally friendly, but also economical and practical." Zhangchune said, "using electric agricultural machinery can save a lot of money compared with diesel. Take the tricycle running in the field for example. The electric tricycle only consumes 7 kilowatt hours of electricity when it travels 100 kilometers, and the cost is more than 3 yuan. The diesel tricycle costs dozens of yuan of fuel money for the same journey."

zuoyihe, director of Shanxi Agricultural Machinery Bureau, connected to the 3-phase 4-wire power supply) believes that the development of electric agricultural machinery can reduce the pollution emissions caused by the use of diesel in agricultural machinery and reduce energy consumption, on the other hand, it can improve the environmental quality and improve the quality of agricultural products

in order to promote the smooth start of R & D, production and use of electric agricultural machinery, in june2016, the Shanxi provincial government issued the implementation opinions on promoting the development of electric agricultural machinery, encouraging enterprises to carry out R & D and production of electric agricultural machinery, and the Shanxi provincial finance allocated a special fund of 50million yuan to reward and supplement users of electric agricultural machinery in the difficult business environment faced by many enterprises

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