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On the morning of April 11, 2019, Shanxi Tianhai Pump Co., Ltd. held an organizational life meeting on the theme of "reform, innovation and promising" in the conference room on the second floor. Comrade liuyuanchang, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the general Party branch, made an important speech. All Party members participate. The meeting was presided over by Comrade zhoujianbin, deputy secretary of the general Party branch of the company. On the morning of April 11, 2019, Shanxi Tianhai Pump Industry Co., Ltd. held a symposium on "reform and innovation, striving for success" in the conference room on the second floor to discuss and organize the life of ordinary mineral oil with medium viscosity. Comrade liuyuanchang, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the general Party branch, made an important speech. All Party members participate. The meeting was presided over by Comrade zhoujianbin, deputy secretary of the general Party branch of the company

when presiding over the meeting, comrade zhoujianbin said: this technology belongs to the optimization and assistance of traditional technology. This special organizational life meeting was held in accordance with the unified requirements of the provincial, municipal and district party committees. It is an important part of the whole process of the discussion on "reform, innovation and striving for success", and is of great significance. He said:

-- theme of the conference: reform and innovation, striving for success

-- main tasks: "six breakthroughs", "six efforts" and "six persistence"

-- specific contents: 1. Get rid of rigid conservatism, focus on solving the problem of weak reform awareness, and persist in solving development problems through reform; 2. Get rid of the old ways, focus on solving the problem of insufficient innovation spirit, and adhere to stimulating the power and vitality with innovation; 3. Get rid of closed and narrow mindedness, focus on solving the problem of insufficient expansion of opening-up, and persist in promoting reform and development through opening-up; 4. Get rid of resource dependence, focus on solving the problem of weak market concept, and adhere to the market to open a new path of development; 5. Get rid of being content with the situation, focus on solving the problem of low benchmark, and adhere to the first-class standard to create first-class performance; 6. Get rid of laziness and carelessness, focus on solving the problem of false style, and insist on showing responsibility with an excellent style

in fact, the "reform and innovation, striving for success" discussion activity is consistent with the production, operation and management of the enterprise from the perspective of single screw development, without conflict and contradiction. It is definitely not that the enterprise boss does one thing and the discussion does another. Since the launch of the "reform, innovation, and striving for success" discussion activities, our company has made great efforts in clarifying the direction, finding gaps, and coming up with ideas. We have made concerted efforts in overall planning, task decomposition, and supervision and inspection of departments in charge, with remarkable results. For example, according to the deployment of chairman liuyuanchang, all branches and systems: first, according to the report arrangement of the board of directors, the work process is broken down month by month according to the task progress requirements, and detailed to every month and week; Second, the work plan has achieved "there is a time for completion, there are standard requirements, there are subjects, there are inspection and implementation, and there are reward and punishment methods"; Third, the work plan was publicized and accepted the supervision and inspection of all employees—— This is a pragmatic and effective system and mechanism that can be adhered to for a long time. There are also: the group's executives hold a regular meeting once a month, and the executives of Jiezhou company hold a regular meeting once a week in a timely and timely manner, which often hit the key of the problem, pointed out the essence of the problem, solved the root of the problem, and greatly improved the production and operation management level; The production system has achieved initial results in eliminating backlog, reducing inventory and grasping supporting facilities, with satisfactory results; The "big sales strategy" of the sales system was vigorously promoted and steadily advanced. All these make people look forward to the future

Comrade liuyuanchang said: the economic volume and increment of our province rank the fourth from the bottom in China, which is not optimistic. To improve the economic development speed of our province, we must solve the problems of people's thoughts, ideas and ideas. Only in this way can we find a way out. This "reform and innovation, striving for success" discussion activity was carried out under such circumstances and was approved by the provincial Party committee through the Central Committee, which is extraordinary

he said: as far as Tianhai is concerned, we also have our own crisis, that is, conservative awareness and marketing system! The so-called conservative consciousness is manifested in: seeking stability and fearing compensation, only seeking stability, delaying opportunities, and trembling. More importantly, this mentality has hindered the development of the company. Cadres dare not take responsibility and are unwilling to take responsibility. Emotionally, they support it, rationally prevent it, macroscopically support it, and microcosmically oppose it. As a result, they fall behind and lag behind. The parties concerned call it "fear of causing losses to the company". But it will not bear the real losses (such as quality loss). Therefore, in 2019, the company will rectify the work style among the cadres and focus on the implementation of the "four needs and four don'ts" (weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, not infatuated with the past; moving forward bravely, not emphasizing difficulties; making up for each other, not blaming others; doing well for ourselves, not thinking for others). The so-called marketing system is characterized by apathy, indifference, lack of management and chaos. We should actively promote the big sales plan. At present, the sales system has completed the rectification of the overseas locations, and now it is signing a letter of commitment with the overseas locations to ensure that they will not sell fake goods, collude with goods at will, or collude with private individuals by virtue of their character and integrity

Comrade liuyuanchang asked all Party members to strictly demand themselves according to the standards of Party members. They should keep in mind that they are party members and Tianhai people. They should be qualified. Everyone should pay attention to Tianhai party members in this state, do their duties well and do their work wholeheartedly. We should observe discipline and law, be honest, act according to law, and do things sincerely. We should clearly know that Party discipline is higher than national law, that Party discipline is stricter than national law, and that Party discipline precedes national law

when presiding over the meeting, comrade zhoujianbin said in the end: to organize the life meeting through the "reform and innovation, strive for success" discussion topic, first, we should give full play to the role of the Party branch as a fighting fortress, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the majority of Party members, and lead the above-mentioned people to see the good, think of the good, and consolidate the organizational foundation of the discussion; Second, all Party members and cadres should strengthen their sense of responsibility, have the courage to work hard and make progress, base themselves on their posts, and enhance their spirit of entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit; Third, it is necessary to clarify the objectives and tasks, do a good job in the specified actions, select the optional actions, make good use of the carriers such as "three meetings and one lesson", theme party day activities and branch special meetings, and strive to create a good atmosphere of emancipating the mind, benchmarking first-class, reform and innovation, and striving for success; Fourth, we should persist in criticism and self-criticism, put ourselves in it, put our thinking and work in it, and conscientiously enhance our political, ideological and action consciousness; Fifthly, we should take the sense of reform, the spirit of innovation, the market concept, benchmarking, and work style as the starting point. In the face of the new situation and changes in the company's work, we should keep pace with the times, learn new ideas and practices, explore new models, build new systems, and constantly improve our work ability and quality

in the next stage of democratic life meeting criticism and self-criticism, comrade liuyuanchang said: the party meeting is to be red faced and sweat; We should speak freely, say everything, and be the first to state our position. Comrade liuyuanchang said: as the Secretary of the general branch, there are three points: first, there are few organizations for Party building activities and little attention at ordinary times, focusing on production, operation and management; Second, the party's theoretical knowledge and basic knowledge are few; Third, there is impatience at work

Comrade Ning Kefa said: first, he was a little timid in the pace of reform; Second, they are not open-minded and do not go out of the scope of well pump in product development. They have the mentality of seeking stability and fearing mistakes; Third, the implementation of management is not enough. What we should strive for is to take the lead and do good deeds. We should work hard in this regard in the future

guojincai: now, we should pay attention to the problem of cracking down on counterfeits, otherwise it will cause endless harm. We should not allow the phenomenon of selling fake goods to develop

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