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At the beginning of the new year, the colorful banners in front of the headquarters building of Shantui were displayed with loud slogans. The labor union of Shantui company grandly held the Shantui activity of "stepping into a new era and starting a new journey". Zhangxiuwen, chairman of the board of directors, lidianhe, general manager, sunzhike, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Zhangmin, executive deputy general manager, tangguoqing, an Lulin and liuchunchao, deputy general managers of the company attended and participated in the event. Zhangxiuwen, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a New Year speech and led the team. Sunzhike announced the start of the employees' tour around the factory

the employees of Shantui walked around the factory to boost their spirits and gather positive energy

11 teams and more than 800 employees from all units directly under the company participated in the activity. They lined up in a neat square, walked with vigorous steps, held high the slogan of striving, held high the banner of characteristics, shouted passionate slogans, and walked through the rostrum one by one, fully demonstrating the spirit and morale of Shantui employees to strive and forge ahead, rise high, and dare to meet new challenges

at the event site

chairman zhangxiuwen made a speech entitled "embracing the times and striving to be" Chairman zhangxiuwen made a speech entitled "embracing the times and striving to be" and issued a call to all employees of the company: first, we should seize the opportunity. After many years of ups and downs, Shantui has been tenacious and forge ahead, and finally showed a steady development trend of continuous improvement. We should take the initiative to embrace this great era, cherish the rare development situation of Shantui, strengthen our confidence, work hard, roll up our sleeves and work hard. With the sense of mission and the sense of "no wait, seize the day", we should spare no effort to promote bulldozers, road machinery, core components and other competitive products to the middle and high end; We will spare no effort to make major breakthroughs in strategic products such as loaders, excavators and concrete machinery, and strive to create a new situation for the diversified development of Shantui. Second, focus on innovation. We should take the initiative to integrate into the general environment of the international and domestic construction machinery industry, and put the development of Shantui into the background of a new era, new judgment and new journey to think and plan; We should practice the new concept of development, take supply side structural reform as the main line and scientific and technological innovation as the main engine, actively promote quality, efficiency and power changes, and enhance core competitiveness; We should have the courage to forge ahead, enhance the awareness of innovation, dare to break, dare to stand, dare to venture and dare to try, and use new ideas and new measures to solve new contradictions and problems on the new journey in the new era of competing for the best in a hundred ships and thousands of sails; We should constantly improve our style of work, always maintain the spirit of being resolute and enterprising, and strive to create a new atmosphere for the development of mountain promotion and new achievements in the mountain promotion industry with the courage and courage of sacrificing ourselves to others and forging ahead. Third, work hard. We must constantly improve the system and mechanism to adapt to market-oriented and global competition, actively participate in the competition in the international construction machinery industry, work hard to strengthen industrial support, reform guidance, innovation drive and management improvement, and reflect the value of life; We must have the courage to use the sword, take the attack as the defense, and strive for victory through war. We must do everything possible to explore more channels, open up a larger market, and expand new development space to meet the needs of domestic aircraft for aluminum lithium alloys in the fierce competition; We must "intelligently" create high-quality products in the spirit of craftsman, tireless research, meticulous production, pay attention to details and quality, pursue perfection and acme, provide users with more and more valuable products and services, polish the "made in China" brand of Shantui, and realize the new and vigorous development of Shantui

let's start

with the command of "start of running around the factory", the 11 teams meander along the road of the business park like a long dragon. Under the leadership of chairman zhangxiuwen, the long-distance running team, along the main roads of the park, is neat and uniform, sonorous and powerful, always maintains high fighting spirit, chants the slogan of "embracing the times and striving to be" all the way, better unites employees, never forgets their original intentions, remembers their mission, forge ahead, and ensure the full completion of all business indicators in 2018

"follow the party's command and keep the mission in mind..." the representative team of the security and environment department ran hard and shouted sonorous slogans. They took practical actions to ensure the safety and stability of the company. They are loyal guardians of Shantui and they escort the development of Shantui

"intelligent R & D, striving for excellence, innovation and leadership, and scaling new heights..." the representative team of the general research institute made great strides and shouted out the vigorous vitality of the R & D personnel of Shantui in unison. In the R & D battlefield, they braved difficulties and marched forward bravely. They fully displayed their style with their heroic demeanor and youthful enthusiasm

"work hard and forge ahead..." the bulldozer business unit team is full of passion and vitality. 112 members of the team made concerted efforts to run the "19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China". With their own actions, they gathered into an indestructible mountain pushing force, and will surely make new achievements on the new journey

"focus on reform and innovation, revitalize Daoji, and build a dream for the future..." with full enthusiasm, the road machinery company's representative team ran out of the Daoji spirit of perseverance and perseverance, and made a pledge not to forget the original intention, strive harder, increase profits and create glory

"caterpillar chassis, never forget the original intention, forge ahead, and create new achievements..." as soon as you hear it, you will know that this is the representative team of the caterpillar chassis division. The loud slogans are inspiring. They fully demonstrate the "tough and strong" spirit of the caterpillar with firm and confident steps

"leading technology, leading the market, carrying dreams, driving expectations..." the representative team of the transmission business unit was unwilling to be outdone. All the members of the team shook their arms and ran forward, shouting loud slogans. They overcame difficulties, fought bravely, and forged ahead in the new era and new journey with an unstoppable momentum

the marketing system joint representative team composed of the marketing division, import and export companies and the post marketing division rushed forward with the team flag. All the members were full of vigor and vitality. The inspirational slogan of "the division of the tiger and the wolf, fighting hard for marketing, perseverance and fierce global competition" shouted out the determination and courage of marketers to explore the market

"sail at the helm, fight bravely, see our logistics, with great momentum..." the logistics company team can't wait to shout out their own slogans. On the runway, the team members cheer each other up. They are determined to forge ahead, work together, show a new state of striving for success, gather their minds and wisdom, draw a new chapter, and start a new journey in the new year

"Jinan LANBO is a professional manufacturer of electronic tensile testing machine. There is no limit to its development, set sail again, and create new brilliance..." the representative team of the structural parts company shouted the slogan of its own team. The team members rubbed their hands and rushed forward, reflecting the courage and responsibility of the structural parts personnel in reform and innovation and hard work

a team of management departments and offices, consisting of the party masses work department, the administration department, the comprehensive management department, the human resources department, the financial management department and the audit and legal affairs department, worked hard to run forward and shouted their slogan - "management team, embrace the times, strive for excellence..." on the new journey, they did not forget their original intentions and were full of fighting spirit

"integration of industrialization and industrialization, lean management, brave competition for resources, and ensuring production..." the management department and office jointly represented the second team, which was composed of the production and procurement center Tangshan steel billet price, which broke through the 3000 yuan/ton mark for one time, and the information technology department. Under the influence of the team leader, the team members shouted sonorous and powerful slogans. They worked hard and ran forward with great strides, In the new year, they will meet greater challenges with high morale and confidence to win

the neat slogans of all the teams resounded through the park, and their steps were consistent and sonorous. "Come on, come on..." in the cheering sound of the audience, the team all rushed, clenched their teeth and reached the finish line smoothly

after selection by the judges, it is expected that in the future, more factories will establish a representative team of soil machinery division to win the first prize, a representative team of security and environment department and a joint representative team of marketing system to win the second prize, and a representative team of road machinery company, crawler chassis division and general research institute to win the third prize

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