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At the beginning of August, the "customer care trip" of Daoji with the theme of "making construction easier" was officially opened in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Dali city is located in the southwest of China, bordering Cangshan Mountain in the West and Erhai Lake in the East, It is also the birthplace of Bai culture. Because the cultural relics and historic sites here are like beads, the unique and strange cultural and social landscape has attracted countless poets and tourists

at the first stop of the caring trip, the service team came to Xiangyun. In 2009, the customer, Mr. Li, first tried to buy a mountain push sr20m roller. After a long time of use, it was found that the Shantui equipment performed well, and then another sr22m roller was purchased. The ten-year quality of mountain roller is still creating value for customers. During the communication with customers, President Li spoke highly of the after-sales service and low failure rate of Shantui brand, and also put forward several valuable suggestions for improvement. We will continue to embark on a new journey of creating value for our customers with the expectations of our customers

at the second stop of the equipment visit, the service team came to Xizhou ancient town. There are many brands of road rollers in this area. The brand competitiveness is great. Plasticity refers to the ability of metal materials to produce plastic deformation without damage under load. However, Shantui occupies half of the country with its advantages of excellent quality and timely service, Mr. Sha, a client of Shantui, said: "I have personally felt the change and development of Shantui since 2010, and a big country deserves its weight."

the third stop was the construction site of Yang brothers in shangxingzhuang. The two brothers began to purchase the first roller of Shantui. After comparing the performance of Shantui with that of other manufacturers, they saw the advantages. Now they have purchased four roller equipment, Speaking of the mountain roller, President Yang sincerely gave a thumbs up and said: "the high efficiency, low fuel consumption, comfort and reliability of the mountain roller have created amazing value for me. Thank you for the happy life that mountain roller has brought me." Simple words are full of affirmation of Shantui brand

at the fourth stop, we walked into President Li's house in Xiaguan town. President Li said, "I only recognize Shantui for its good ductility and plasticity of titanium alloy, and my equipment has always only used Shantui pure accessories and oil products", Pointing to the airport behind him, he said: "look, the mountain roller constitutes an innovation system that conforms to the development characteristics of China's new material industry. It has made great contributions to the expansion of the airport. The 20 ton mountain roller in 2007 is still playing its maximum efficiency in my hands. This is the first equipment I made a fortune."

on August 2, Dali station Daoji's "customer care trip" was successfully completed, with a total of 27 visits to new and old customers. Through the service visit activity of "customer care trip to ensure the quality of product packaging", the smile on customers' faces is our greatest gain. We will continue to uphold the core value of "customer satisfaction is our purpose", serve customers wholeheartedly and create greater value for customers, Escort every mountain pushing equipment

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