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On the 20th, Taiyuan Environmental Protection Bureau of Shanxi Province announced that because of the increasingly serious pollution, Taihua Group, one of the three major chemical bases built in China during the first five year plan period, officially withdrew from the provincial urban areas after more than 60 years of development

it is understood that Taihua Group has been entrusted by Yangmei group, and the Qingxu new chemical materials Park project invested and constructed by Taihua Group is under construction. The new park will give full play to the advantages of existing chemical technology, combine the rich coking benzene resources in Shanxi, and focus on the development of new chemical materials projects such as adipic acid, caprolactam and polyformaldehyde, so as to create the most distinctive and competitive chemical sector. Qingxu new chemical materials Park project covers an area of 3000 mu. After the completion of the project, sales revenue can be realized. 1. Cooperate to build coal to olefin and high value-added downstream projects, which are lighter than pet; In november2016, it was 2.3 billion yuan, with a total profit and tax of 4.3 billion yuan

as the last production unit of Taihua Group, the chlor alkali branch, the last production unit of Taihua Co., Ltd., has officially stopped production. It was seen on the site that the residues in the pipelines of all production facilities were emptied, the valves were hung with a "shutdown" notice board, the liquid chlorine storage tank on the monitoring screen showed that the pressure was zero, and the rumbling sound of machines could not be heard in the plant

Taihua Group is the last of the three major chemical industries in China built during the first five year plan period. Li Gong has won one of the successful industrial bases of this competition, mainly focusing on coal chemical industry and chlor alkali chemical industry, and has made great contributions to the economic construction of the Republic of China. However, with the continuous expansion of the city scale, residents and enterprises are mixed, resulting in increasing environmental risks. Due to poor production equipment, simple process technology, environmental protection requirements ③ data processing modularization, standardization, automation, upgrading function: not up to standard and other factors, pollution is becoming more and more serious, which has a serious impact on regional air quality and ecological environment

with the deepening of the comprehensive improvement of the provincial environmental quality, Shanxi provincial and municipal governments decided to gradually shut down and relocate Taihua. From the start and shutdown of Taihua synthetic ammonia production line in August 2011 to the shutdown of chlor alkali branch on June 5, 2013, after three years of active cooperation, 38 small chemical enterprises and 10 large-scale chemical enterprises of Taihua Group in Hexi region have fully stopped production

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