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For a company, how the company's Feng Shui situation will affect the company's operation. Do you know what the feng shui of the decoration company is? Let's take a look at the following articles

Feng Shui Encyclopedia of decoration company

What are the Feng Shui taboos of decoration company

first, the office hall should not be narrow and limited:

the office should be wide and vast; From the perspective of Jinggong Bagua, the Mingtang position in front of the office belongs to the off position, which is the symbol of career in the Bagua. Therefore, Mingtang, that is, the position in front of the office, can be said to directly refer to the future of this unit. If the Mingtang of the office is narrow and blocked, it will be like the future of this unit is limited, there are many obstacles, and the development is difficult. On the contrary, if the inner and outer halls of the office are open and quiet, it means that the company or the unit has a bright future, smooth and successful

second, there should be no rush brakes in front of the office:

there should be no rush brakes in front of the office, such as road rush brakes, pole brakes, tree brakes, sharp corner brakes, etc. Otherwise, the employees or supervisors in the unit are not only prone to everything going wrong, obstructing the frequent occurrence of diseases, strange things, and officials are not talkative; Moreover, personnel changes are frequent, and the centripetal force is insufficient, so employees cannot be retained

III. the back of the office seat should not be empty:

there should be a backer behind the office seat; Because there are many patrons, masters and dignitaries, they have great support, act steadily, and have sufficient successors; If the seat is empty, it often leads to insufficient strength, weak body, insufficient personnel stability, lack of centripetal force of employees, no noble person, and even seriously affects the foothold of the company

fourth, the office should not be dark and unclear, lack of lighting:

the light intensity of the office has a great relationship with the success or failure of the enterprise. The office should be well lit, bright and pleasant, so that the performance can be booming and good people can take the lead. Rewards and punishments are clear, and employees are responsible and dedicated to their strengths. On the contrary, the gloomy office often brings obstacles and difficulties, as well as the fate of villains in power, dereliction of duty, and low morale of employees

v. don't commit white tiger evil in the office:

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1 123456. The next page in feng shui theory has the so-called "it's better for a green dragon to be a thousand feet tall than a white tiger to look up in disorder." Say. Generally speaking, from the perspective of geomantic omen, it is better for left Qinglong to be higher than right Baihu when looking out from the front of the office; That is, the building in front of the left should be slightly higher than the building in front of the right, which means that the air luck of the whole office often has a positive development, and everything is auspicious and everything goes well. On the contrary, if the right white tiger is higher than the left green dragon, there will often be bad and negative phenomena such as villains in power, good people suffering, officials not talking, full of disasters, and good deeds falling through

VI. there should be no Qiaosha around the office:

there should not be too high buildings near the office, otherwise it will not only bring a sense of oppression, but also destroy the career stability of the office, produce good and bad luck, subvert the original advantages of the Feng Shui Bureau, and even make employees lose their ethical feelings and turn their faces

VII. The office should not open too many side doors:

although opening the side door is a good way to strengthen the office's luck, especially when the office is not busy, a large enough office can open the side door in order to achieve the effect of rush and replenishment. However, keep in mind that you must not open too many side doors, because too many side doors will make people lose their popularity, lose their fighting spirit, lose their wealth, or make money in and out, and cannot condense the achievements and goals they should have

VIII. The office should not be blocked, and there are many obstacles:

the access of the office is like the blood of the same person, which should be unobstructed. However, some offices, out of convenience or carelessness, cram things that should not be placed in the office, blocking the whole channel, which often leads to problems such as poor fortune, blocked financial resources, poor communication, laborious behavior without performance, and seriously affects the development of the career

IX. offices should not be near temples and prisons

feng shui theory believes that the environmental field has a direct impact on the human field. The office building where the office is located should try to avoid being near temples, prisons, etc

10. The boss' desk should not be facing the door directly or back to the door

the boss' desk should not be facing the door directly or back to the door, which is called "six flushes". "Six impulses" have the effect of aggravating contradictions and making everything impossible. In rooms with strong lighting, the boss desk should be farther away from the window, and those with weak lighting should be closer. The size of the boss' desk should be determined according to the size of the indoor space and the size of the boss himself, and the proportion should be harmonious. The boss' office should also reflect the authority of the owner and the culture of the enterprise, so as to facilitate the implementation of decisions and occupy a favorable position in business negotiations. Sofa, hanging pictures and decorations should be selected with momentum, so that foreign guests can look up rather than down. The layout of all this should be unified in the orientation and color that the boss himself likes

Xi. Employees' seats should not be directly facing the door

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1 123456 next page because the door is the air flow and energy entrance of the whole office, and the seat is directly facing the door, it will be rushed by the aura of the entrance, which is easy to affect a person's subconscious and spiritual system, resulting in hot temper or unprovoked illness. It will not only affect his personal fortune, but also affect his work efficiency. You can set up a screen or plant at the door as a way to dissolve it

12. Employees' seats should not be directly facing the toilet door

the toilet is the place where filthy gas accumulates, and the toilet door is the place where filthy gas is discharged. People who have been near the toilet door for a long time, or who are directly facing the toilet door, will get sick because of excessive filthy gas. If it is unavoidable due to the limited pattern, it is best to close the toilet door at all times. In addition, a screen or large broad-leaved plants can be installed between the toilet and the seat, which can absorb the filth from the toilet and block the bad magnetic field

XIII. It is not suitable for bosses and employees to press the top with beams

the top with beams is not only a taboo of Feng Shui at home, but also in offices. If there is a beam on the head, it will have a great impact on people's fortunes in all aspects, especially on career fortunes, so it's best to avoid this situation. If it is unavoidable, you can put a table lamp directly under the beam and column, and often keep the bulb on, which can reduce the adverse gas field from above; You can also put a small pot of green plants with vigorous growth, and use the vitality of the plants to alleviate the disadvantage of the top of the beam

decorate Fengshui according to the company's orientation

sit in an office building from the northwest to the southeast. The company is called dry house, which is called "Golden House" on the five elements. The nature of gold is conducive to brightness, and do not lack light. Therefore, the design of the lobby should make its lights bright and bright, giving people a smart and delicate feeling. On the contrary, the person in charge will be slow in thinking and cannot achieve much

the office building company facing south is called kanzhai, which is called "Shuizhai" on the five elements. The nature of water is conducive to deep to conserve big fish and hide wind and gather gas. Therefore, the layout of the office should give people a deep, hidden and unique feeling, especially for the planning of real estate operators. On the contrary, if the water is shallow and the bottom is exposed, the north wind can drive straight in in winter, which will make the big fish swim leisurely, which is harmful to the accumulation of money and profits

the office building company sitting from northeast to southwest is called Gen house, which is called "Tu house" on the five elements. The nature of soil is conducive to thick and broad, so as to breed all things. Therefore, the layout of the office should be generous and thick, and contain the root of planting trees. So that the cause of the person in charge can develop and thrive in stability. On the contrary, if it is narrow and crowded, although it is harmless at the beginning, over time, it will hinder the continuation of good fortune and cause subsequent weakness

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. The next page is the office building company sitting east to west, which is called zhenzhai, and it is called "wooden house" on the five elements. The nature of wood should be deep, long and square. Therefore, the layout of the office should be square and atmospheric. It should be made high and deep, with a long sense of depth. On the contrary, if the layout of the office is wide and shallow, it is not in line with the nature of wood, and it also makes people unable to adjust their body and mind, or mental diseases occur

the office building company sitting from the southeast to the northwest is called Xun house. Although it also belongs to "wooden house" in the five elements, due to the rustling north wind in winter, the design of the office must be moderate in width and light, rather than deep and long design according to the nature of wood

the office building company facing north is called Lizhai, which is called "huozhai" on the five elements. The office design of "huozhai" should adopt dark series of colors, giving people a strong sense of texture and a sense of solemnity. If the tone is light and floating, and the fire is needed but not real, it is easy to call a lawsuit or commit a fire

sitting in the office building company from the southwest to the northeast, it belongs to "Kun house" in the house image, and the five elements belong to earth. Like the buildings from the northeast to the southwest, the layout of the office should be thick and substantial, so as to plant trees. On the contrary, if it is narrow and crowded, there are many phenomena of weak career succession

the office building company sitting West to East is called Duzhai, which is called "Jinzhai" on the five elements, but it is "Yinjin". Therefore, if the company is not controlled by women, and the office is too bright, it will hurt the Yang in the house, and affect the financial fortune and physical health of the male person in charge

Company decoration Feng Shui

the photocopier in the office cannot be placed in the white tiger side, and cabinets such as safes should not be placed at the door, nor in obvious places, so it is not easy to collect money and gas

don't face the door of the office, otherwise it will cause a rush on Feng Shui, and the office environment is easy to be noisy, which is easy to cause disputes. If you can't change the position of the door, you'd better make a compartment or screen to cover it

in Feng Shui, the interior of the office is generally divided into two sides, namely, the left Qinglong side and the right white tiger side (people face the company's gate, the left front is Qinglong, and the right front is white tiger side). The boss's office should be in the long side, the business department, the finance department and other departments' offices should be in the white tiger side, and the door of the office should also lean towards the long side

the left and right sides of the desk should not be directly facing the toilet door, and it is better not only facing the door. It is not easy to collect money and gas, and it is easy to lose money and fortune, and it should not face the walls of suites or public toilets. There should be as much space in front of the desk as possible, and the desk should not be above or below the toilet or kitchen range

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. On the next page, generally, many people will place mascots on the company's financial position to attract money and treasure. Therefore, the choice of financial position should be very careful, which should be determined according to the specific decoration pattern. If you are not sure about the financial position, it will not play a good role, but will affect the business. Therefore, if you need to place mascots, you can consult the online master of this website for free. There are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. The next page

living room feng shui has a great impact on wealth. Here is an inventory of the taboos of living room wealth and the top ten taboos of living room feng shui wealth layout, which you can refer to

living room wealth taboo 1: wealth taboo water

wealth taboo water is good and stable, so it is not suitable to place aquatic plants in addition, nor can you place fish tanks in wealth taboo, so as not to see wealth water




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