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Home waterproofing is a concealed project, but it is often easy to be ignored by small partners. Many families don't think of waterproofing until they find that some places in their homes are damp, water seepage, mildew and other phenomena after twoorthree years. In fact, only the behavior is very dangerous, we should strengthen the awareness of waterproof home decoration

home waterproof, prevention is better than patching. Waterproof, the initiative is in the hands of the owner, who can choose to determine the strength of waterproof and the quality of waterproof effect. Good waterproof can avoid the owner's worries about water leakage, so that we can rest assured and comfortable with water, and truly put an end to the water leakage crisis of the house. Now let's see how the decoration is waterproof

how to do waterproofing in decoration

1. Time to do waterproofing

in home decoration, water and electricity transformation should be carried out first. After water and electricity transformation, waterproofing should be done immediately. It should be noted that waterproofing should be done at the base of the structure as far as possible

2. The main parts for waterproofing

the floors and walls of toilets, kitchens and balconies, all floors and walls of first floor residences, basement floors and all walls should be treated with waterproof and moisture-proof treatment. In addition, when water pipe grooves, pipes or floor drains in the cavity pass through the floor, the walls around the holes also need to be waterproof

3. Calculation of waterproof area

waterproof area of toilet and bathroom (square meter) = (perimeter of toilet and bathroom floor - width of door) X1.8 meters (height) + (floor area)

waterproof area of kitchen (square meter) = (perimeter of kitchen floor - width of door) x0.3 meters (height) + (floor area)

waterproof area of balcony (square meter) = (perimeter of balcony floor - width of door) X1.8 meters (height) + (floor area)

4. Waterproof price

practical waterproof material, Ask skilled workers to construct. The market price is about 60-100 yuan/square meter, accounting for about 1% of the total decoration cost

5. How to choose waterproof materials

real environmental protection waterproof materials should have the test report, product test report and product certificate issued by the national recognized test center. When selling products, manufacturers will have relatively standardized pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, and some well-known brands will also promise free maintenance and a long waterproof warranty period

6. Precautions for waterproofing

a. be careful not to damage the original waterproof layer during hydropower transformation

b. do not paint waterproof materials in rainy days

c. be sure to do waterproof inspection

what are the waterproof construction processes and standards

1. Don't destroy the original waterproof layer. The original waterproof layer is easy to be destroyed during redecoration. If it is not repaired in time, it will leak in the future and harm the neighborhood. Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance of the waterproof layer during decoration. If it is accidentally damaged, it should be repaired in real time to avoid leaving hidden dangers

2. Wall waterproofing when bathing, water will splash on the adjacent wall. If there is no waterproof layer on the wall, the adjacent wall and the opposite corner wall are easy to be wet and mildew. Therefore, before laying wall tiles, make the wall waterproof. In the ordinary waterproof treatment, the wall surface should be waterproof with a height of 30cm, and the non load-bearing light wall should be waterproof with the whole wall at least 1.8m high. The wall adjacent to the bath location should also be 1.8m high. If a bathtub is used, the height of the waterproof coating on the wall adjacent to the bathtub should be higher than the upper edge of the bathtub

3. Before paving the floor tiles, the ground should be waterproofed again. Before waterproofing, the ground should be cleaned. It is best to evenly apply the polymer waterproof slurry, and then pave the floor tiles after 24 hours of drying. The joints between the wall and the ground and the above ground joints of pipes between water supply and drainage are most prone to leakage. It is recommended to use flexible waterproof paint, which should be applied in place

4. Waterproof acceptance after the waterproof project is completed, seal the door and water outlet, fill the toilet floor with water to the set water surface height, and mark it. If the water surface does not fall clearly within 24 hours, and the roof of the downstairs house does not leak, the waterproof is qualified. If the acceptance fails, the waterproof works must be redone, and then re acceptance

what's the harm of not being waterproof

water is pervasive. Even the relatively strong concrete will have many fine holes, which are easy to be leaked by water. For places that often contact water, such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens, as long as there is a water leak, it will often form a string of water in the floor and leak downstairs, affecting neighborhood relations, and seriously may cause major property claims and legal disputes. Secondly, if the waterproofing is done again, the cost is 3-5 times that of waterproofing before decoration

summary: the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about how to make waterproof decoration. I hope it can effectively help you. Please pay attention to more information




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