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How to judge whether the enterprise is trustworthy? Go to the production base of the enterprise, observe the working attitude of the production staff, the effect of product production, and then look at the cooperative suppliers. This is the basic process

in the circle of friends, I once saw such an interesting video, the content is "at the age when you should work hard, find a stable job, and then you will find that, wow, you are really poor and stable"

seeing here, maybe you will laugh, reflect and think

however, for those who have been in the building materials industry for almost two years, some people are "very stable in life and unstable in business". Why? Because the brand enterprises are dishonest, for example, they promise to use 100% environmental friendly paint, and the enterprise claims to be a paint brand, but it is actually inferior paint, which eventually leads to consumer complaints and affects the reputation

in that case, how to judge whether the enterprise is trustworthy? Go to the production base of the enterprise, observe the working attitude of the production staff, the effect of product production, and then look at the cooperative suppliers. This is the basic process. For example, if we go to the Zhikai log palace brand in dashong Development Zone, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City for on-the-spot investigation

first question: how large is the area and how many devices

Why do you choose Foshan? Because Foshan, the "city of Chinese brands", Rong said that when people mention Foshan, they will think of Foshan ceramics, Foshan Electrical appliances, Foshan home furnishings, etc., and this enterprise has 10 years of experience in log production from 2008 to now

when you come to the production base of a brand, first see whether the area mentioned by the introducer matches the actual investigation. The person in charge of Zhikai log palace introduced to the guests who came to visit, saying that the company covers an area of more than 9000 square meters, and the production covers a full set of log household products such as log doors, log wardrobes, log bookcases, log wine cabinets, log stairs, log wall hanging panels, log background walls, log decorative lines, etc

in fact, the actual area we see is similar to that described by the introducer. Then, we went to the factory and the person in charge introduced that the delivery date of 98% of the orders of Zhikai log palace was controlled within 35 days. The equipment we saw on the site included a full range of equipment for wood drying, wood storage, woodworking, grinding and paint spraying. The equipment was so complete that the person in charge's promise of delivery date should be trustworthy

although equipment is one of the necessary conditions, people are also indispensable. When communicating with the production personnel of Zhikai log palace, you will find that there are many people who have many years of experience in the building materials industry, especially the technician team specializing in production

second question: how about the product quality

in the company of Zhikai log Palace Museum, we have seen many honorary certificates, such as the "AAA demonstration unit of quality service reputation" in the national wood door industry. We all know that this honorary title is issued by two authoritative certification institutions, the China Market Research Center and the China market monitoring center. Only enterprises that have passed the annual inspection for three consecutive years are eligible to obtain it

since Zhikai log palace can obtain such a special honor, it shows that it really has a certain strength. After all, in the national market, many enterprises in different fields have been detected with quality problems every year, and there are also many cases of lawsuits for quality problems

when listening to the person in charge, we learned that the use of environmentally friendly paint, in cooperation with garberry, is applied to the products with full texture. We have also verified this on site. During the working process of production workers, including our close observation of products, we did not find any pungent smell

in addition to the person in charge talking about cooperating with environmental protection paint enterprises, we can also personally feel the delicacy of the products. Judging from the wooden doors made of logs, most of the pictures we see are natural scenery and scenery photos, which are quite "Chinese feelings", and the use of some lines also meets the aesthetic standards of the Chinese people

third question: what is the biggest benefit for me

in fact, for dealers, "what is the biggest benefit for me to join this brand" is the most concerned topic. Because we all know that the dealer support policies of each enterprise are basically the same, including some basic business development measures. Zhikai log Palace also provides training support, promotion support, low discount model support, decoration rebate, advertising rebate, etc

then, if you join Zhikai log palace, what are the biggest benefits of the dealer? The person in charge told us that he solemnly promised to open only one franchise store in a city

can this also be the greatest benefit? Yes, because at present, many brands allow a city to open several franchised stores, which is convenient for the brand to expand its local influence, but this gives the dealer very limited development space, and Zhikai log palace just protects the interests of the dealer to the greatest extent

after a factory exploration, we feel professional and valuable reputation of Zhikai log palace, which promises "100% log materials, one fake for ten", and is committed to a full set of log furniture products. How can such an enterprise not be trusted, consulted and joined by dealers

author/Yang Anfei

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