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These days, it's really not easy to buy a house. It takes a lifetime of savings to buy the house and a lifetime of painstaking efforts to decorate it. Take painting the wall for example. Many people are only willing to paint the wall white and clean. Although they want to paint other colors, they don't know how to match colors. According to a color survey conducted for the paint industry, 29% of people dare not use colors on a large area of the wall when decorating, 51% of people dare to use colors under the guidance of designers, that is to say, only 20% of people dare to paint their own walls colorful when decorating. So many boring, painstakingly bought houses, look up at only white, too boring! How can I brush well, happily and personally? Take a look at the experts' opinions

general principle: color is the modifier of space

color expert of top paint &mdash& mdash; Erica bull, an international color consultant of Cowell company in the United States; Ms. Wenfu told reporters that the living room is the main space of family life, and people stay in it for a relatively long time, so we should choose lively colors, but not too strong colors; The bedroom is the place with the highest privacy requirements in the family, and its tone selection should be based on silence, preferably warmer, in order to facilitate the rest of the owner; The study is a pure static space, so it is better to choose solemn colors such as gray, brown gray, brown green, light blue, light green, etc; The most important thing in kitchen and bathroom is cleaning and hygiene. The color is simple and elegant. White, light green, light blue, etc. are all good choices

to a certain extent, color can change people's feelings about the shape of the room. For example, cool colors can make the lower ceiling higher and narrow rooms wider. If you paint a deep color on the farthest wall of the room, it will make the wall move forward

popular idea: return to the natural color of the unity of heaven and man

like fashion, home also has popular colors, but the cycle of reincarnation is a little long, especially paint, because it is the basic material of decoration, and it is impossible to change dramatically in the short term, but it is the basis of home fashion style. For example, if minimalist style is popular, pink is definitely not popular on the wall

so what style is popular in the bedroom this year? Basically, they are all retro and naturalistic. In line with this popular trend, this year's paint colors are also popular with pure colors from nature. According to Ms. ChenLinDa, the international color consultant of Nippon Paint, pure color is not simply pure in color, but also includes the purity of products and the need to meet people's pure life, such as health, freshness and other life concepts. The main color systems are yellow representing nature, pink representing purity, green representing health and blue representing freshness. Nippon's recent launch of the Jingwei full effect series is the best footnote to this year's popular colors. This series contains 500 new color systems

Chen Linda also said that the countries in Europe and the United States that seem to be more daring to use color have only begun in recent years, and in terms of color preferences, there is little difference between China and the west, that is, the popular colors are basically synchronized internationally

simple method: turn to color matching DIY card

not only launched new products without taste, Nippon also took the lead in launching a perfect paint color matching system, which contributed to the realization of DIY color matching for Chinese consumers. Its intuitive design can make consumers more intuitive and easier to choose colors

the hue of this color matching system is mainly composed of red, yellow, green, blue and purple. From left to right, it is warm to cold, and the middle color is distributed on both sides. The lightness span is large, arranged in sequence from high, medium to high, medium to low, and the lightness is divided into four segments with purity as the abscissa. It also has a color oriented function, which can not only intuitively select different colors and lightness, but also use monochrome combination, adjacent color combination, complementary color combination and composite color combination for color matching

in particular, there are 40 sets of ready-made color cards, which can help consumers find the feeling of color matching and easily realize color DIY. For example, green, in its special idea color card, the main color card is green, and there will be dark red, white and light brown colors next to it. That is to say, if the wall chooses green, furniture, soft decoration, etc. can choose other colors. Such collocation is the actual experience of color experts, which is the most scientific and harmonious. Of course, what is provided here is only the most normal collocation, excluding the out of place, alternative and funny ones

after talking so much, I just want everyone to understand that it's not difficult to match colors, and it's even easier to paint walls. Finding the right one for yourself and your house is king's way





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