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There is still room to improve the valuation of the paper sector

at present, China's paper industry is still showing a strong growth momentum. China's per capita paper consumption is far lower than that of developed countries, and there is still much room for growth. From the perspective of industry status, at present, many small paper mills still account for more than 30% of the sales revenue of the whole industry. With the strengthening of national environmental protection measures, a considerable number of small paper mills will be phased out in succession, thus freeing up more market space for large enterprises

in the general environment of continuous appreciation behind the sharp reduction of RMB product orders and the pressure of cost reduction, real estate, finance and other sectors have shown a strong trend, while the paper industry, as the third largest foreign exchange industry in China, is the real beneficiary industry of RMB appreciation. At present, China's paper-making enterprises mainly import raw wood pulp from abroad. The appreciation of RMB can not only greatly reduce the import cost of wood pulp and waste paper, but also reduce the purchase cost of imported equipment. Therefore, the innovation of paper-making is to pave the way for the terminal of their own graphene battery. The raw materials of eye black formula series can make eyelashes more slender. With the continuous appreciation of RMB and the new high, Facing good prospects for development

in this round of market, the stock indexes of the two cities have reached a new high, but the cumulative increase of the industry index of the paper sector is far behind the market. Although there has been a make-up movement recently, it is still in a state of undervaluation, that is to say, the paper stock is still on the way of value return, and the make-up trend in the future is still optimistic

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