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On September 19, German local time, at the prestigious Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, high-end kitchen brand Olin held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Joachim Storz, the former design director of Porsche. At the signing ceremony, the two sides said that they would carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of design and innovation of OULIN kitchen appliances to find better innovations for the safety, convenience and humanization of OULIN kitchen appliances. This is another cross-border action of Ou Lin after she was named the fourth season of 2019 "cross border singer" on Beijing Satellite TV. Xu Jianguang, chairman of OULIN group, said that the main purpose of this cross-border cooperation is to prepare for the upgrading of China's kitchen market, as well as to prepare for OULIN to deeply cultivate the international market and inject more international elements

cross border automotive industry, Ou Lin introduced strong foreign aid to China's kitchen appliances

the venue of the signing ceremony - the Porsche Museum, as a pilgrimage place that global car fans look up to, from 1948 to today, the most important legendary models for Porsche will be exhibited here. Its overall appearance design is shocking, as if it is telling the concept of "faith and ambition" with momentum

at the signing site, Sun Sheng, head of OULIN Research Institute, and Liang Chun, head of OULIN's overseas strategic cooperation, signed with Joachim Storz on behalf of OULIN. For the cooperation with Mr. Joachim Storz, Sun Sheng said: "The aluminum water in the aluminum melting furnace of the automotive industry is suitable for processing in multiple sets of devices after being backward. It can be said to be an industry with the highest scientific and technological content, cross disciplines, and the best understanding of consumers. Germany is not only an industrial power, but also the originator of the automotive industry, and the leader of the world's automotive industry. From thinking to technological innovation, there are many experiences that China can learn from in the development of industrial products to the medium and high stages. I hope that through this cross industry By cooperating with the industry, we can bring the design advantages of the automotive industry into our industrial upgrading. "

joachim Storz has a very high evaluation of Ou Lin, "OULIN is an enterprise with a 'German flavor'. In OULIN, I feel a 'meticulous' German cultural atmosphere. As the helmsman of OULIN group, Mr. Xu Jianguang, chairman of the board, is not only an entrepreneur with aesthetic cultivation and innovative spirit, but also an excellent designer. As far as I know, the industry of Chinese kitchen was almost' 0 'in the early 1990s. It was Mr. Xu who introduced the European style integrated kitchen, the same as European style kitchen fashionable and healthy life concept was introduced. Today's cooperation is a new upgrade based on our original design innovation. I believe that Ou Lin will always be in the forefront of the kitchen industry in the future. ". At the same time, Ou Lin has a very excellent R & D team, and Mr. Joachim Storz is also full of expectations for the cooperation with Ou Lin

introduce world-renowned designers to help Ou Lin further internationalize

Mr. Joachim Storz, who signed with Ou Lin this time, has made outstanding achievements in automotive industry design and continues to create works that meet the different needs of many guests. At the same time, he is also the jury member of if design award, the jury member of best automotive Designer Award, the visiting professor of Johanneum Graz University in Austria, and the visiting professor of the Royal Academy of art in Britain

in order to better integrate the design and technology of cars into the kitchen, create a kitchen that more meets the needs of Chinese family cooking, and lay the foundation for the further internationalization of Ou Lin, in August 2018, Mr. Joachim Storz specially went to China, walked into the Chinese kitchen, walked into Ou Lin. Through a series of field visits and market research, he learned about the charm of Oriental catering and the structure, ecosystem and process environment of Chinese kitchens

"in China, through the exchange and discussion with Olin designers, I have more confidence to integrate the humanization and intelligence of the automotive industry with the technology and aesthetics of Olin kitchen, so that the Chinese kitchen environment should not be broken and more healthy, human and intelligent." Mr. Joachim Storz said.

cross-border integration, a strong boost to brand upgrading

all the time, Olin will "intelligent technology, Seiko quality, classic aesthetics" As a brand driven golden triangle. In the era of consumption upgrading, what young consumers are really pursuing is the ultimate quality of life. They have a deep understanding of their personal needs and understand the fashion life aesthetics behind the goods. It is precisely understanding consumers and really starting from the perspective of consumers that Ou Lin will take these three as the internal drivers of corporate brands

Ou Lin cooperated with famous universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of physics, Zhejiang University, Hunan University and central China reflector, whose dimmable performance is comparable to that of artificial high molecular materials, the University of science and technology, the Chinese Academy of fine arts and so on, invested a lot of money in research, and also hired academician Xu Zhilei to set up an academician workstation in 2012. Academician Xu Zhilei not only provided strong support for key scientific research technologies, but also provided strategic consultation for ou Lin from the perspective of enterprise strategic development. After continuous development and research, OULIN has successfully developed black technologies such as "not afraid of oil and easy to clean technology", "intelligent frequency conversion and high suction technology", "water ion purification technology", and has successfully applied them to OULIN kitchen electrical products

with the support of various black technologies, OULIN has created a "magic kitchen" to meet the upgraded products of the new lifestyle and the personalized choice of universal space customization. OULIN water health intelligent sink dishwasher, large fire gas stove, and with the deepening of garbage classification, the unique "OULIN sink garbage processor" and other products are integrated with intelligent, healthy and technological elements to help consumers enjoy high-end kitchen life. At the same time, with the technology of "not afraid of oil" as the core, OULIN has not only created "a large suction range hood that is not afraid of oil", but also created "an easy to clean water tank that is not afraid of oil" and "an easy to clean gas stove that is not afraid of oil", so as to build an explosive ecosystem

it is not the first time for ou Lin to cooperate with international front-line designers. Olin has established cooperation with the internationally renowned design institute Bauhaus University in Germany, as well as the former design director of Rolls Royce manlec and the famous Italian design company George Yaro, so as to truly make the products reach the world's top technology. In addition to the China design smart manufacturing award, OULIN products have also won many international honors, such as the red dot award, if award, golden hook award, etc., and become the representative of fashion and trend

in the new environment, Ou Lin constantly seeks breakthroughs and innovations, and has been at the forefront of the industry. This year is the crossover year of Ou Lin. Xujianguang, chairman of OULIN group, said: "The development of German automotive industry for more than 100 years is a process of continuous innovation and improvement. The automotive industry's human-computer interaction and human-computer controllability, comfort and safety are very worthy of our reference. Similarly, in the operation of kitchen and kitchen electricity, there are also problems of safety, controllability and comfort. With the continuous maturity and upgrading of kitchen electricity consumers, OULIN needs to make breakthroughs in R & D and innovation We should absorb more nutrients across borders to meet the needs of consumers. We just concluded the launch conference of strong brand promotion and upgrading not long ago. This year, there are several major cross-border actions: our cross-border entertainment marketing, the large star cross-border music program "cross border king" titled Beijing Satellite TV, and the cooperation with Mr. Joachim Storz, cross-border kitchen and automotive industries. I believe that the rise of a brand and an industrial industry will finally usher in cross regional, cross industry and cross space-time continuous integration. Cross border and boundless, this is the new trend of future inter industry cooperation, and it will also be a new promotion and a new model of our cooperation. " (Chen Jing)

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