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On the evening of March 24, when the law enforcement officers of the suburban industrial and Commercial Office of the Pinghu Administration for Industry and Commerce in Jiaxing, Zhejiang pushed open the courtyard gate of a family in the west new village of Pinghu City, they were startled by the scene in front of them. In this small open-air courtyard of seven or eight square meters, there are actually 15 large iron buckets filled with xylene, toluene and other dangerous chemicals. When investigating the dealers of these chemicals, law enforcement officers found that the dealers had no professional license at all, which was unlicensed sales. At present, law enforcement officials have seized these dangerous chemicals and set up special classes for the provincial new material industry to coordinate and promote work

in the evening of March 24, I came to the west new village of Pinghu City in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. These dangerous chemicals are placed in the courtyard of Building 2 of the new village in the west of the city. In addition to a passage for pedestrians, a huge wheel loaded with grand blueprints is rotating forward in the courtyard, and other places are almost filled with large iron buckets. On one count, there are a total of 18 large iron buckets. After investigation, the law enforcement officers found that three iron buckets were empty, and the other 15 were difficult to locate during the full stripping experiment. The name and weight of the chemicals in the barrel are marked on the top of each iron barrel, mainly xylene, toluene and cyclohexanone. The weight of each barrel ranges from 170 kg to 230 kg

law enforcement officer Xiao Zhou told that the license of this sales point said that the sales scope was ink and other things, and dangerous chemicals could not be sold at all. After the Spring Festival this year, when Mr. Wang, the dealer, went to the industrial and commercial office for inspection last year, the staff asked him face-to-face whether he had sold chemicals. He vowed that he would not sell them. He knew that selling chemicals required a professional license approved by the competent department. In the evening of March 24, the suburban industrial and commercial office cooperated with the Pinghu health Creation Department to conduct a surprise inspection in the new village in the west of the city. Unexpectedly, these dangerous chemicals were found in Wang's yard

it can be seen that the two buildings in Chengxi new village have four floors, and more than two floors are rented out to new residents. Last night, some people came home one after another after work and asked a young man surnamed Lin if he had found these dangerous goods before. He said blankly that he had not found them. Remind him to look at the label on the bucket. He said in surprise, "Wow, these are dangerous chemicals. I always thought they were paint." Kobayashi said he didn't expect so many "time bombs" in the yard

dealer Wang has returned to his hometown and will not return to Pinghu for treatment until next Monday (March 28)

subsequently, the basic information of these three chemicals was queried, and it was found that they were all toxic to a certain extent, and there was a risk of explosion in case of high temperature. However, this one had many restaurants, and oil spilled everywhere, which was very dangerous

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