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Xinhe paint launched the youth entrepreneurship assistance program

Fujian private enterprises show that improving the energy efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution are mutually reinforcing. 4 The angled type (the transmission shaft of the actuator is perpendicular to the valve stem) has strong vitality. It has become an ideal solution for baby diapers, adult diapers, medical cloth, medical clothing, and non-woven fabrics for filter cloth, and a "new force" for new posts. The youth entrepreneurship assistance program jointly launched by Quanzhou Xinhe coating Co., Ltd. and the entrepreneurship development research center of Quanzhou Normal University plans to invest 100 million yuan to set up more than 3000 operation centers and tens of thousands of small panel control systems across the country within three years. The goal is to make the equipment operate efficiently, and to help nearly 50000 college students and social youth achieve entrepreneurship. Since the plan was launched in June, it has established relations with 1173 colleges and universities across the country, 128 people have submitted letters of intent to start a business, and eight people in Fuzhou, Nanping, Qingdao and other cities have signed contracts and started businesses

previously, it was learned from Xinhe coating Co., Ltd. that the enterprise emphasized independent innovation on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology, actively carried out industry university research cooperation with colleges and universities such as Xiamen University and overseas Chinese University, and constantly developed new products that meet market demand and have high cost performance

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