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Changzhou power station electric actuator new technology output node configuration

snd series electric actuator new technology output contact configuration

output contact configuration also 5. Synchronous display of experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state may be in half, experimental curve and so on is called output contact programmable, that is, after the actuator leaves the factory, the user can change the output definition and output form of the output contact at will, To meet the requirements of centralized control system

the output contacts of traditional electric actuators are generally fixed. The travel switch is the travel switch, the torque switch is the torque switch, the normally open is the normally open, and the normally closed is the normally closed, which cannot be changed arbitrarily. In this way, it often cannot meet the requirements of some bidding project control systems, such as requiring four open and four closed strokes, and normally closed torque output. Foreign products such as British Rotork have opened the definition of any configuration of four output contacts, so that it can better and more flexibly meet the requirements of the control system, and it is also ahead of other manufacturers in technology

the snd series products of Changzhou power station also developed the output contact configuration function this year, and its technical content and function should be ahead of other manufacturers. It uses the Bluetooth wireless communication function we introduced earlier, and then uses the notebook computer and snd special configuration software to configure the output contact of snd series products. A total of nine output contacts are opened for any group of synchronic definitions. The output of output contacts can be defined as switch to travel, intermediate position 12, switch to torque, field remote control state output, etc., and each contact can be arbitrarily defined as normally open or normally closed. The operation process is simple and convenient, which fully explains the significance of intelligent non-invasive products without unpacking

Changzhou power station's product development strategy is to maintain technological leadership in the industry and keep pace with foreign advanced electric actuator enterprises. This year, with the application of a series of new technologies in our company's high-end snd products, our R & D team is moving towards this goal if the input voltage of the two sensors is too high (generally a few millivolts). (Shaojie)

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