Concerns about the hottest crude oil supply or int

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Concerns about crude oil supply or interruption continue to affect the market

concerns about crude oil supply or interruption continue to affect the market

2012 0 enterprises should implement the government's development plan for the new material industry March 26

[China paint information] crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed up 1.4% on Friday, so it was previously reported that Iran reduced its oil exports; At the same time, concerns about crude oil supply or disruption continue to have an impact on the market

according to the authoritative consulting agency petro logistics S.A., Iran's oil exports fell sharply in March for the first time since this year, and the sanctions began to impact Iran's oil export revenue

according to the report, the daily export volume of Iranian oil is expected to decrease by 300000 barrels to 1.9 million barrels this month, a decrease of 14%, because buyers reduced the purchase scale before the European Union imposed an embargo on Iranian oil

in order to pressure Iran on its nuclear program, the European Union agreed in January to implement the Iranian oil ban in the region from July 1, while the United States is also pressing Asian buyers to reduce oil imports from Iran

however, until the introduction of daining, the daily export volume of Iranian oil has been maintained at 2.2 million barrels, because the terms of the Iranian oil contract are relatively flexible

affected by the sharp reduction of Iran's oil exports, the former central city working conference proposed that the oil price soared by 3% to the highest level in three weeks; However, most of the gains were later reversed

nymex may light sweet crude oil futures contract settlement price rose $1.52 to $106.87 a barrel, or 1.4%

the settlement price of May Brent crude oil futures contract on the London intercontinental Futures Exchange (ice) rose $1.99, or 1.6%, to $125.13 a barrel

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