Conditions and correct operation methods for rapid

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Conditions and correct operation methods for rapid installation of submersible mixer

2. It is recommended to install the system when the pool is 4 meters deep. The diving depth of the submersible mixer can be adjusted according to the needs in the vertical direction, but it also shows that the horizontal is at the maximum angle of the lifting system that can rotate around the guide rod by plus or minus 60 degrees. The expansion bolt fixing bracket and lower bracket for connection and the swimming pool have no reserved holes

3. An has supplied products and effective installation systems for seamless steel pipe industry with a diameter of more than 4.8mm for industrial enterprises, scientific research units, revenue and expenditure inspection departments, and primary colleges and universities. There is a guide wire rope to replace the guide rod, which is convenient for transportation and simple for on-site installation. The system fundamentally avoids the influence of normal use due to the bending and deformation of the guide rod during transportation, and effectively improves the phenomenon that the pool is too deep and the guide rod cannot be lifted and lowered normally due to the installation error. For cantilever roofs, the installation is convenient and reliable

4. When ordering, please provide a deep pool, the H diagram of the pool, so that the size or line of the guide rod can be determined when the workshop processes the material of the installation system is stainless steel (or carbon steel). In addition to the guide rod or guide steel plate lifting installation system, multiple mixers can jointly lift the device

II. Precautions for installation of submersible mixer:

1. The guide rod or guide line should be vertical and horizontal, and can be corrected with one

2. When lifting the impeller hook of the submersible mixer, the horizontal plane should end at 5 degrees 10

3. Through the supervision of the hoist chain, the submersible mixer along the guide rod plays the lead in the sliding process, and the hook on the same vertical line and the focus of the submersible mixer

generally speaking, for the diving depth, the diving mixer can adjust the vertical direction as required, and can rotate the guide rod at the maximum angle of the lifting system of plus or minus 60 degrees. The support frame and lower support and the relevant ground in the horizontal plane adopt the expansion bolt hole pool, without reservation. When the installation system is recommended for the pool with a depth of 4 meters, a concrete foundation (or steel structure foundation) needs to be made at the bottom of the pool

based on the lifting system of the submersible mixer, expansion bolt holes are used on the ground surface related to the rope fixing frame and guide seat and the pool, without reservation. With the guide wire rope installation system II replacing the guide rod, it has convenient transportation and simple on-site installation. It is one of the important performance indicators of metal materials

the system avoids the traffic caused by the bending deformation of the guide rod, which affects the normal use. Fundamentally, it effectively improves the normal lifting phenomenon caused by the installation error of the guide rod in the deep pool. 3. Mold structure. The installation condition of submersible mixer in cantilever pool is more convenient and reliable. Based on the lifting system, expansion bolt holes are used on the ground surface related to the rope fixing frame and guide seat and the pool, without reservation

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