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Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Co., Ltd. that the main project construction of the pedestrian passage under Jiangyang park has been completed in May, and has entered the stage of appearance design and procurement of internal and external decoration materials

according to Wang Zonglin, the head of the underpass project of Jiangyang Park, the main works of the underpass have been completed, and the walking elevators have also been installed. The final work is left to coordinate the internal and external decoration with the electrification of the channel

the procurement of internal and external decoration materials is in progress. At present, the decoration of the canopy at the entrance of the passage is under way. The whole internal and external decoration project will last for more than one month. The pedestrian passage under Jiangyang park is expected to be put into use on national day

the person in charge of the construction site told the reporter that the construction position of the pedestrian passage entrance under Jiangyang park should be about 10 cm higher than the ground sidewalk, and the ground sidewalk has a drainage ditch, so the water is not easy to flow into the passage, causing water accumulation. At the same time, drainage ditches are also built on both sides of the channel, and pumping facilities are installed under the hand lift, which can drain smoothly even if the channel is flooded

Jiangyang park is the leisure center of the new area in the west of the city, facing the opposite community across the street. Although it is close at hand, residents on both sides have to bypass more than 100 meters. After the underpass of Jiangyang park is completed and put into use, citizens will no longer bypass the street

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