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When choosing furniture, many consumers will first care about its beauty, and often ignore the more important part, that is, the quality of furniture. Nowadays, many people like rattan furniture very much, because it gives people a simple, comfortable and primitive feeling, and it is also environmentally friendly, so it is favored by people. But how to choose the three piece set of balcony rattan chair tea table? How to maintain it in daily life? Follow Xiaobian to understand

1. Purchasing skills of three piece set of balcony rattan chair tea table

a. in addition to paying attention to its appearance, we should also see whether the rattan material is excellent. If there are wrinkles on the surface, it means that it is processed from relatively immature rattan chairs. The toughness is very poor, and the strength is also very low, which is easy to break. It is not recommended to purchase

b. There is also a lot of stress on the use of materials. Generally, Yunnan rattan is used, and of course, rattan from Indonesia or some Southeast Asian countries in West Asia are bought. These rattans are very hard

c. When shopping, you can use both hands to grasp the edge of the cane chair, and then gently shake it to see if its frame is stable enough; You can also gently wipe the surface of the furniture with your palm. If it is smooth and does not feel like touching your hand, it indicates that its material is good; On the contrary, you should choose carefully

2. How to maintain rattan chairs

a. The placement of rattan chairs should not be near the fire source and heat source, nor should they be exposed to the sun, which is prone to deformation, bending, loosening and loosening

b. When cleaning the rattan chair, you can use salt and water to fuse, and then clean the rattan chair, which can not only have the effect of decontamination, but also maintain its flexibility and long-term stability. It can also play a certain role in preventing fragility and moths

c. The rattan chair is easy to be stained with dust, so it is very troublesome in cleaning. You should use a very soft cloth to wipe. The dust between the cracks can be cleaned with a paint brush or vacuum cleaner, so that the surface of the rattan chair will not be damaged. You can also use detergent or solvent to wipe, so as to prevent water cleaning and direct exposure to the sun, so as to avoid losing the elasticity and luster of the rattan

Xiaobian conclusion: the above is an introduction to the purchasing skills and maintenance methods of the three piece set of balcony rattan chair tea table. I believe that after reading the contents of Xiaobian, you should have a general understanding of rattan furniture. In fact, nowadays, there are many materials of chairs, but it is not easy to match them, and the three piece set of balcony rattan chair tea table is very good. What kind of room style is suitable, so you can buy one as soon as you like




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