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1 overview of urban landscape sculpture

for cities, landscape sculpture is an important part of urban architecture, and landscape sculpture with distinctive characteristics can increase the image of the city. For example, when we mention the mermaid sculpture, we can think of Copenhagen in Denmark, and when we mention the bronze statue of a little boy urinating, we can think of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. It can be said that these urban landscape sculptures effectively mention the popularity of the city

in terms of aesthetic requirements, urban landscape sculpture, as a kind of public buildings, should meet the aesthetic needs of the public. In terms of material selection, considering that most of the urban landscape sculptures exist in the open air environment, the materials used in the urban landscape sculptures should be more weatherproof and UV resistant

2 classification of urban landscape sculpture

(1) decorative sculpture. The role of decorative sculpture is only decorative. It is not to promote a theme, nor to commemorate an event or a person, but just decoration. Decorative sculptures can enrich the characteristics of urban landscape and leave a deep impression. At present, the more famous decorative sculptures of urban landscape include four sculptures at both ends of Chongqing Yangtze River Bridge. This group of sculptures is named "spring, summer, autumn and winter". This group of sculptures is not to commemorate any event, or simply decorate the bridge

(2) memorial sculpture. Memorial sculpture is a sculpture built to commemorate a person or an event. Its placement in urban space has a mandatory ornamental effect. Commemorative sculptures have the function of propagating the dominant consciousness of the society and praising the rulers or commemorating the major historical events of the country and nation. For example, the monument to the people's Heroes in Beijing is a kind of commemorative sculpture. Its purpose is to commemorate the people's heroes who made sacrifices for China's Liberation in China's modern history

(3) thematic sculpture. Thematic sculpture is a sculpture built to publicize the theme in a specific environment. Thematic sculpture is to better interpret the nature and function of a space. For example, four sculptures with sports as the theme stand at four right angles of the Sichuan Provincial Gymnasium. Its purpose is to promote the theme of sports

(4) display sculpture. The sculptures are displayed together and delimited in a space, so as to show the cultural charm of the city. For example, the Jing'an Sculpture Park in Jing'an District of Shanghai is a sculpture themed Park, in which a large number of sculptures are displayed in every corner

3 urban landscape sculptures in different regions

(1) urban landscape sculptures in residential areas. Residential area is the place where urban residents stay most except for work. Therefore, the landscape sculptures in this area should have a strong flavor of life

(2) landscape sculpture of city square. The city square is the center of citizens' activities, and it is also a place that reflects the cultural heritage and regional characteristics of the city. Therefore, the sculptures in this area are mostly sculptures that can express the cultural connotation of the city or sculptures that commemorate the city's iconic figures. For example, the Chen Yi sculpture erected on the Chen Yi square on the Bund of Shanghai was built in memory of Chen Yi, the mayor of Shanghai

(3) landscape sculpture of the block. We can also see landscape sculptures in the pedestrian streets of some cities. Pedestrian street is a place with a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere. Urban landscape sculpture in such places should also have a strong artistic atmosphere to conform to the cultural temperament of pedestrian street

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