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Electric heating faucet is a small household electrical appliance product designed for kitchens that cannot provide normal heat. It is the best choice for the convenient use of hot water such as kitchen dish washing, dishwashing and cleaning, toilet hand washing, face washing, hair washing and laundry

with the improvement of people's living standards, electric faucets have entered thousands of households, and more and more consumers have recognized electric faucets as a new household product. However, some consumers hesitate because of the electricity involved in the installation process. In fact, the installation of electric water hose is similar to that of ordinary faucet, which only needs to simply distinguish the water inlet position. Next, I will introduce the principle and installation steps of electric faucet

principle of electric faucet

because it has the cold heating function that can replace the faucet, it is called “ Electric faucet ”, It is a miniature instantaneous electric water heater with a water temperature control device, which heats water in a non insulated or slightly insulated container, and is only a temporary storage of hot water. Generally speaking, it refers to electric heating appliances that make the temperature of water rise rapidly when cold water flows through the heater. According to the outlet type, it can be divided into export closed type and export open type. Our products are designed for export open type

the principle of fast energy saving of electric heating faucet is to use special titanium and other corrosion-resistant and high-strength magnetic materials to make chips, so that the water can instantly heat up under the action of high-strength magnetic field. The faucet can also adjust the power according to the flow to meet the water temperature supply required in different seasons

installation steps of electric faucet

first, remove the original ordinary faucet

first, close the water pipe valve, remove the original non electric faucet, and then clean the pipe interface with clean water to avoid excessive rust and formation of infarction

II. Assembly parts

1. First connect the elbow of the electric heating faucet with the electric heating faucet body, and then fix the machine

2. If you want to use a washbasin, unscrew the nut of the water inlet of the body and fix the electric faucet on the washbasin; If the washbasin is not used, this step can be omitted

3. Then connect the electric faucet with the water pipe

III. check

1. After installing the electric faucet, turn on the water valve switch first to check whether there is water leakage at the connector

2. Then turn on the electric faucet switch, drain the machine, and turn on the cold and hot water switch back and forth for debugging several times

3. Plug in the power supply after completely discharging the bubbles in the empty machine

4. Adjust the hot water to the required position, because the temperature of the hot water is adjusted by the hot water size control switch. When the red light is on, it will indicate the beginning of heating

features of electric faucet

1. Fast: it is hot when it is turned on without waiting. It can be washed as long as it wants, without time limit

2. Small: streamlined appearance, fashionable and small, make full use of the effective space of the shower room, and it is the first choice for fashionable people

3. Energy saving: there is no long water storage preheating process and insulation process, and there is almost no heat loss

4. Beauty: original shape design, light curve, delicate shape, does not occupy space, so that your bathroom adds fashionable beauty

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the principle and installation steps of electric faucet. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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