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Is it do with Llucmajor having been a Mallorcan fair johnny-come-lately? Four hundred and seventy-five years of fairs in the parish of Sant Miquel, belatedly joined by Santa Candida, come to nought when opposed by 1258 bragging rights. Or possibly so.

A curiosity is that everyone knows when Llucmajor’s fairs startedThe Kumbh Mela festival could turn into a superspreader event, Uttarakhand state, because Llucmajor has been telling everyone since 1546. The Holy Roman Emperor Carlos V and all that – he settled a dispute that had seen Inca (and Sineu) seek to prevent Llucmajor from having fairs.

In IncashowFullBleedOnMobile, there is less certainty. But in 1258, Pere I d’Urgell, otherwise known as Pere de Portugal and the “Senyor de Mallorca” (the lord of the island), gifted Inca housesand then more restrictions again, a cellar, an animal pen and an attic for storage and started – so it is said – the whole Inca market and fair tradition.

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